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14 July 2015


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He's doing it well.



I won't disagree with that. I have been asked by people close to him to withdraw my criticism. I do so now. pl


Its been interesting to contrast Wilkerson and Powell. Wilkerson tried to make good. Powell did what was good for Powell.

alba etie

Yes would welcome Col Lang here in ATX . If it were on a weekend I would be very happy to comp one day or two days of tour guiding and or hanging out with you and Col Lang . We could get BBQ at Stubbs early then go for a picnic at the French Legation .
Very good idea Matthew !



Wilkerson had a wife who summoned him to repentance. pl


"Iran would be wise to release the Americans it holds."
And why would they do that?
They're hardly motivated by the Obama "bend over,way over" method of "negotiation."


The commenters on this site seem obsessed with Israel - often to the detriment of US security.
I'm still waiting for the Israel "Death to America" national holiday and then seizing the US embassy, just for kicks.
Israel has warts, but Iran has got lots and lots more.



In the ME chants in the public square are BS. You are mistaken. You challenge the fact that the Israelis are behind resistance to this US negotiated deal? We have a good deal likely to avoid war in this. Bibi and your other friends want the US to destroy Iran for their Morgenthau-like plane for the region. What is your plan for dealing with IS and Nusra? Your Israeli friends are helping the Nusra jihadis? pl

Mark Logan


In the Marines the "A Few Good Whatevers" jokes have already started.

On topic but in a similar spirit: The big orbs Bibi displayed when speaking to the UN assembly have been snipped.



You don't mean France recognized Texas as an independent country before it became a state?


Sic Semper Tyrannis linked on Memeorandum! The Colonel is moving up!! Props, Sir.


"Negotiators from six world powers..."
I think that this is the piece that no one really talks about. The US is so caught up in itself that we forget that there are other countries out there in the world. Yes, we do dominate by throwing our weight around, but I think that on this issue no matter what the US does the UN and the rest of the world is going to go ahead with the deal.
Glad that Wilkerson was able to get a spot in between all the rabid hawks. I doubt that, if as you say he did a superb job, he'll be invited back.


since you're about digging up corpses - the Iranians never tried to sink a US vessel with premeditation in order to pin it on someone else so the US would side with them and against their enemy. You haven't forgotten about the USS Liberty, have you?


You haven't forgotten about the Lavon affair either, when Israeli spies bombed US and British targets in Egypt to pin it on Egyptians to turn the US and UK against the Egyptians, Israel's enemy?


In 2005 Israel honored the surviving operatives of that debacle. Given what that operation was about, I wonder when will they hand out medals for the Liberty.

In tune, it appears that vis a vis Iran, it was the Israelis who by proxy (iirc MEK) provided the IAEA with 'the 'alleged studies' documents i.e. forgeries so the agency and the P5+1 would turn on Iran and the probably non-rexistent PMD.

The Israelis then started their game of 'Hold us back, hold us back, we're REALLY going to bomb them outselves if you don't act now!' The US called that bluff. One can take away from that that Israel REALLY wanted to manipulate the US into bombing Iran for them.

The three examples appear to indicate an established pattern of Israeli thinking vis a vis the US.

That is to say, to stay in your metaphor, Israel has plenty of warts of its own, and with age it has gotten some more. In the absence of plastic surgery, there is only so much filler you can add to even those warts, and even if you do that, they still look like boils (which at least to me is not a pretty sight).

Still, unlike Iran, Israel enjoys the attention of affluent sponsors, fervent adherents and practiced (if hamfisted) plastic surgeons.


Fred: Short answer, "kind of." See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_relations_of_the_Republic_of_Texas


M123: The next president will not be able unilaterally revoke the coming UN resolutions related to the deal.


Huntly: The other point missed is a new relationship with Iran means a new (and quite different) relationship with Saudi Arabia, and, to a lesser extent, with Israel.

alba etie


Babak Makkinejad

There were no negotiations with 6 powers:

85% US
15% Russia

EU and China just being in the room.

Babak Makkinejad

I do not see it.

different clue


Since Sanders was the first Senator to spark off a semi-boycott of the Netanyahu appearance, the AIPACists and Likud supporters may have already given up on him as a "lost cause". I would be surprised if he did anything less than support the deal quite strongly. I would have to rethink my political intuition skills, such as they are.

William R. Cumming

IMO Iran has paid lobbyists even now in Washington though perhaps not registered under FARA!

There seem to be many Americans that travel freely to Iran and wondering if this is accurate. Many Iranian-American rug dealers make daily calls to Iran.

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