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30 July 2015


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I can hear a call for a gigantic levee system to ring DC. The Corps of Engineers will suddenly become THE government agency to be in. The real contest will be around what to call it.

1) The Ring of Shame, 2) The Squirrel Trap, 3) HACS (Hot Air Containment System), 4) Old Reeky (with apologies to the Scots). The possibilities are endless.

Of course there will be an appropriate LSD (Levee System Defense) in the DoD. A gigantic fight will occur among the services for the lead role.

Last but not least, there will be the issue what territory the levees will protect and how to gerrymander Congressional districts around it.

ex-PFC Chuck

The metaphorical implications of Washington sinking into the mud are too good to pass up.

William R. Cumming

P.L. and ALL: The recorded high water mark for Potomac River flood levels was 1936. Marks reflecting 9 feet of areal flooding on the Ellipse on old canal houses on Constitution Avenue including one at 14th and Constitution.

But hey I vote for Kansas or Nebraska for relocation of the Seat of Government.


Florida? Tell him to wear a hat. Mandrils don't look sweaty, so how do they thermoregulate? You don't find any of the furrier primates or their remains in high latitude regions. Wonder why.


Move the capital to the Oklahoma panhandle in temporary housing and periodically we would get a new government.


World's last standing superpower having forebulge collapse anxieties explains a lot. Hope it's irony -- one of Clio's twinkly pranks, and not a hoax.


Col: St. Louis is actually too nice. I suggest we move the Capitol to a town so remote that the families of retired politicians (read: lobbyists) will refuse to live there!


" Geologists say Washington DC is gradually sinking into the sea through a process known as “forebulge collapse.”

That calls for a pun contest, or at least a massive government package.



How about Des Moines, IA as a new Capital? Smack in the middle of flyover country. Nice supply of beef rather than all that bull. Quite safe from all ISIS types - and lobbyists too. Hopefully Marcus can take a little float down the Ichetucknee or a journey through Juniper Springs (keep a weather eye out for gators). Lido Key ought to be nice too, not touristy this time of year. Off shore fishing should be good, too.


I'm sure Barry Goldwater would be thrilled with this development. ;-p

Old Gun Pilot

Perhaps Colonel, the birds have come home to roost for one of our Republic's original back room deals. You will recall that the site for our nations capitol (located on a swamp) was brokered by James Madison, where Mr. Jefferson agreed to withhold his anti-federalist objections to the ratification of the Constitution in exchange for the new capitol being located in the South. Pennsylvania may get the last laugh.


Antediluvian policies in a bubble from Atlantis. What's to change?

Medicine Man

I'm sure we could hand over some real estate on the Arctic Circle for the new capitol. They already think they're on top of the world anyhow, why not confirm their biases?

Richard Armstrong

Barnum & Bailey used a train to move their circus around around. So why not the D.C. circus? It would certainly change the definition of a "central" government!

Swami Bhut Jolokia

...“forebulge collapse.” This means the government of the United States is sitting on a waterbed that is heaving...

Oh, that kind of heaving mass. For a minute I thought they were talking about Congress.

Swami Bhut Jolokia

How about Baghdad? We broke it, so we own it.

Swami Bhut Jolokia

How about FEMA trailers? That'll be entertaining, to say the least. Especially with the Tea Partiers.

different clue

If this is actually happening, I hope we can carefully dismantle all the important buildings and museums and rebuild them high above any possible high water mark, much as was done with the Temple of Ramses at Abu Simbel in anticipation of Aswan High Dam.


If FB is for-real, what sort of pressure would it take to induce CorpsMedia "news" divisions to address it as a matter of public interest: a letter writing, phone, and email campaign of unquestionably earnest expressions of concern ??

Anybody read The Henry Root Letters?



Exchange your politicians for dutch ones. They will still sink, along with Holland, yes, but Washington will get high very fast.

The Twisted Genius

Washington DC has a way to go before we see a fundament of Borgistas fording Pennsylvania Avenue in hip wagers, but some of the Bay islands are in a bad way. Take a look at Tangier Island on Google Maps. With forebulge collapse, rising sea levels and 20 foot seas from hurricanes, that community of watermen are, quite literally, close to sucking bilge water.


They could move the capitol to Richmond.


Arguably the capitol should be chosen at random every year from a list of US towns and cities. Hell, go one better, there's no real need for a single physical capitol, communication technology being what it is. You could put the Senate in one city every six years, the House in another every two, the supreme court in a third let's say every three, and the presidents residence at a random place for every term.

I'm not just being flippant. I've often thought that a mobile government would be worthwhile, as it makes life harder for modern day courtiers, and makes it it harder for a "bubble" to form insulating the government from day to day life. Having the supreme court hand down judgments from a church basement in Mankato, Minnesota or having the Senate deliberate in jerry-rigged accommodations in Roswell, Georgia would do wonders for both Republican spirit and weeding out people in more in love with being somebody in a city with lots of important marble buildings than public service.


I like that idea, but also think Allegany County MD or West Virginia, with their [memento mori] steep grades, deep snow, and vistas could be more wholesome locations for what is nothing more than a bigged up company town.


Forget the foregoing - republican romaniticism. To reflect what we have become build a fiberglass facsimile of DC in 'Vegas [n.b.] and move the whole lot out there.

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