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01 July 2015


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Is sunny, hot and very beautiful in Nanaimo, British Columbia! Trees are laden with pears, cherries, apples and the garden is lush. Big sockeye runs nearby to fish and the local river is a chain of pristine swimming holes. A little SST over a cup of coffee in the AM and a superb Canada day kicks-off! On balance, much to be thankful for up here!


505th PIR

Any sign of Jeannette MacDonald? How about Ogopogo? pl


505th: Is there a good story behind your screen name? I assumed you were American. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/505th_Infantry_Regiment_(United_States)

FB Ali

Thank you, Col Lang. It is turning out to be a nice sunny day here in Toronto. Looks good for a barbecue this evening with the family.

In spite of Stephen Harper (hopefully around for just a few months more), Canada is a wonderful country to live in!


It is also a day of mourning in Newfoundland as July 1 is also the anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of the Somme. 90% of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment was wiped out at Beamont Hamel


Medicine Man

It is bright, sunny, and hot here in Burnaby, BC. My brother has taken my niece and nephew down to Granville Island for face painting and live entertainment. The missus and I will probably join them later for fireworks.

Hope things are well south of the border and that you're all getting geared up for the 4th.


Gerard: Does Field Marshall Haig have any admirers in Newfoundland?

Adam L Silverman

Here's a link to Stan Rogers Northwest Passage; often considered to be Canada's unofficial national anthem:



Newfoundlanders were always the King's Loyal subjects so I've never heard of overt hostility. More recently a revisionist spin has taken hold in which the Empire drained the Dominion of blood and money and then sold it off to Canada. The referenda on Newfoundland's future were hotly contested and the decision to join Canada was by the narrowest of margins, this has fed the "conspiracy" angle.

This is a minority view however, despite some of the normal resentments of being a small part of a larger whole, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are happily Canadian. They do hate Stephen Harper with a passion.


And a special Happy Canada Day to the Princess Pats and Lord Strathcona's Horse- as well as a Fête du Canada to the 'Van Doos'!


Regarding snow -

I was listening to CBC Halifax on Sunday and the news noted that there are still four foot deep snow piles in Saint John NB where the (record) plowed snow was dumped!


None of either. Ogopogo seems to have taken a bit of a hiatus the past several years, much like the rainfall and cloud cover round these parts this past spring.


Matthew, you assumed right. Nothing extra-ordinary about the screen name, twas my home for four years when I was a pup and more than I knew at the time, a very formative experience is many, many ways. Happy for it and the life that has followed.


For everyone's anti imperialist Canada Day:


I was in Canada one Canada Day (1994, I think) in The Pas, Manitoba.
ZERO, NADA, NO celebration.
Until the Canadian dollar fell, Canada day used to be a big shopping in US cities near the border.

William R. Cumming

The importance of Canada/USA relations growing! Reason the Arctic [resources?]!


Another unofficial Canadian national anthem


Charles I

Magnificent song, but Barret's Privateers is the one that really gets me going


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