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29 July 2015


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'No fly zone' as in 'nobody but us flies' or, more to the point, 'free fire zone'.

different clue

Ishmael Zechariah,

If this violence is strictly perpetrated only by Kurds, then the Erdogists could find it very handy for ethno-Turkish solidarity behind Ergogan. If so, I would imagine the Erdogists driving as many Kurds as possible to commit as much violence as possible in order to drive the Turks even closer together behind Erdogan.

If, on the other hand, the violence is being perpetrated by Kurds and counter-Erdogan Turks in equal measure, then the Erdogists have a deeper problem. In this scenario, could too much Erdogist repression result in a coalition-of-violence among Kemalists, Alevis, Kurds, Gulenists, etc. against Erdogists-in-general? (Though I think I remember you telling me in the past that Kemalists and Alevis were often somewhat the same people).



I had the good fortune long ago to be for a time the XO of HHC of the 8th SFGA at Ft. Gulick in the Canal Zone. In that capacity I was among other things the mess officer of the Group's only mess. In that mess we employed hired Cuna Indians as KPs. Our troops contributed to a fund so that we could pay these little folk and the soldiers would be relieved of the onerous duty. My skill in Spanish was what caused me to take that job, that and a reputation for a "take no prisoners attitude" with regard to maladministration. There had been a lot of that in HHC. The Indians spoke no English. I spent many happy days with them out in the San Blas archipelago. pl

different clue

Ursa Maior,

I have read that one of the Canary Islands, perhaps Gran Canaria itself, is a huge volcanic cone with a very deep split in one side. At some point a multi-cubic-mile big chunk of Gran Canaria will break off the island along that split-line and fall into the Atlantic. Anyone living there would want to be on the part of the island that remains in existence after the big chunk falls away.

different clue

Bill H,

If Erdogan is asking for this no fly zone, it would be to keep the Syrian Air Force ( or any other Air Force) out of the zone for long enough that the Erdogists could transfer that land to Nusra control if they are forced to aquiesce in the "removal" of ISIS specifically from that land.

The Erdogists remain pro ISIS most of all, but would settle for Nusra rule over Syria if they couldn't get their beloved and sponsored ISIS into control. The Saudies and the Gulfies would agree with that.



The Erdogistas wish to prevent the Syrian Air Force flying over that part of Syria. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Be advised that YPG is ethnically-cleansing Arabs form its territory.

 Ishmael Zechariah


The violence is being perpetrated by separatist Kurds or those who call themselves separatist Kurds or those who pretend to be separatist Kurds. PKK has claimed responsibility for some of the attacks. Tukish Nationalists (secular or otherwise) and Alevis are not and will not be involved in violence againist TSK. Gulenists do not have kinetic capability, neither do the liberal intellectuals (libosh in common parlance). Patrick Bahzad would be the person to explain what is going on, if he has the time or the inclination.

Ishmael Zechariah

The Twisted Genius


All the accusations of ethnic cleansing are coming from ISIS supporters and Turkish supporters of ISIS. YPG is allied with Euphrates Volcano, an Arab rebel group. Given that, I don't doubt certain YPG elements have treated Arabs rudely and forced some out of their villages. They are worried, rightly or wrongly, about ISIS supporters and stay behinds. No, YPG ethnic cleansing is largely a ISIS/Turkish propaganda effort.

Bill H

Thank you. I told you I needed a score card.


i.e. they provide ISIS with air cover.


... and air support.

Babak Makkinejad

I read in an Iranian paper - with pictures etc.

I credit it; I saw a similar thing in Mahabad, Iran, more than 30 years ago...

William R. Cumming

A great movie IMO! Sparks betwen Stewart and Deb AND the wonderous return of a royal to his kingdom to be!

William R. Cumming

Respectfully disagree. Turkey is central to NATO IMO!

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