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01 July 2015


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Kim Sky

In case you haven't see it, another great piece about Palestine, a mini-series about British...

"The Promise", a British television serial in four episodes written and directed by Peter Kosminsky.

Thanx, Kim

P.S. You may have been totally correct in focusing on the next event from the Middle East as the catalyst for war...

from Debka: The Turkish and Jordanian armies were reported on June 30 to be getting ready to cross into Syria for the first time since war engulfed that country in 2011, and set up security buffer zones...

These preparations prompted Russian President Vladimir Putin to pledge his support for the Assad regime.

different clue

Kim Sky,

Putin, together with China, Iran and maybe others will have to make that support very massive very soon to keep up with efforts from KSA and the Gulfies, ISIS, the Erdogists, etc. to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic before Assad's supporters can get there with with enough massive aid to destroy the anti-Assadists' massive efforts. (Unless Putin et al are already doing enough to work and I just don't know it).

Ishmael Zechariah

AFAIK, any Turkish response will be to counter the Kurdish expansion in Syria-and probably will not target the Syrian Arab Army. There may be a few repercussions, local and global.
Ishmael Zechariah

William R. Cumming

Probably time I stated more clearly that not just guilt and shame from failure to stop the largely successful HOLOCAUST caused US and others to support emigration to Israel and establishment of that State post WWII.

Like King Richard to his men asking "who will rid me of that troublesome Priest [Becket]" many masked their desire to be rid of surviving JEWS by their departure for ISRAEL.

And now few in the USA leadership or polity are willing to clearly announce that in reality the USA is now fully responsible for the STATE OF ISRAEL and its citizens and residents.

The USA ACTS MORE LIKE PONTIUS PILATE IMO than recognizing that ISRAEL is an American Protectorate in the fullest sense.

The implications of this pc masking of the truth are enormous and can only hope not APACOLYPTIC [sic]!


Good film, absolutely no doubt.

Reminded me partly of a very, very fascinating book by Gil Eyal.


Maybe especially Chapter II:



Ok, that link doesn't work.

Try this:

Page 33, Chapter II, The Jew underneath the Arab's Mask: The Experience of the Orient in the Promised Land.

Sidney O. Smith III

LeaNder is correct, imo. "1913-Seeds of Conflict" is riveting and well worth watching. History is blood soaked with tragedy.

For what it is worth, I highly recommend it. Glad PBS aired this documentary and thanks to Col. Lang for sharing it.



Henry II, not Richard. pl

William R. Cumming

Thanks P.L.! You are correct. And Henry had a hard end?

Robert C

Fromkins book is great. I also recommend The Gun and the Olive Branch by Hirst (?Hirsch).


cville reader


That wasn't King Richard. It was King Henry II.


hard end came later - the old sharper-than-a-serpent's-tooth problem - compounded by the hell-hath-no-fury phenomenon.

different clue

Ishmael Zechariah,

In what sense do the Kurdish militia operations in farthest northern Syria constitute a Kurdish expansion? Are the Kurdish militias going beyond and outside the borders of the Kurdish ethnic areas of Syria? If so, where?
If not, then where is the "expansion"?

Charles I

Agreed, watched it last week and was taken with the history of mountain vs valley and littoral inhabitants and land ownership.

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