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22 July 2015


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nick  b


I took a look just to see and it appears that the volume of the OR that has the most information in Series 1, Volume 36. Though I did find and interesting but brief account of Confederate troop movements in Series 1, Volume 43, Part I, Page 1017 of the appendix. I hope this is of some help.


nick b

thanks much. pl

Trey N

Is this request intended strictly for primary sources, or does it include good secondary works whose bibliographies might help your quest?

If the latter, the best book I've come across so far is the third volume of Gordon C. Rhea's opus on the Overland Campaign: "To the North Anna River." It contains a great wealth of details and analysis on this aspect of the chess match between Lee and Grant in May 1864, and his list of sources should be a pretty comprehensive to any further research.

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