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23 July 2015


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The main part of Afghani opium seems to end up in Europe. The most important traffic line, used to be and apparently still is the route via Turkey, Balkan. But Russia seems to have a problem too lately that is related that an alternative traffic line is via Russia.

Link from the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction:

Home page:

Afghanistan Opium:

Search results:
Opium Afghanistan

Apparently the latest reports are from 2011. No doubt the illegal market is interesting, pushes up the price and is tax free. All that is needed is laundering the money. ...

You may have China's surplus economy in mind and British efforts to deal with it via opium. ...* apparently drug addiction is back in China too since the early 1990s


William R. Cumming


William R. Cumming



WRC, I am admittedly slightly hesitant, maybe for the wrong reasons, concerning Globalresearch, but to complete FB Ali's suggestion as far as "the West" goes:

Drug War? American Troops Are Protecting Afghan Opium. U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Heroin Production


Sounds a bit too easy for my taste, meaning they don't get me below the headline. Wrongly? You tell me.

But yes the Taliban restricted the trade shortly before the war due to UN pressure. And US troops simply wanted to return to the earlier state of business as usual??? Could some of the war-lords that earlier profited have some type of limited interest of providing intelligence to the foreign troops? And these interests are blown out of proportion? Notice, I didn't read any of this only scanned it.

But yes, I stumbled across all kind of allegations in the "drug war" field, concerning involvement by the US military, or legitimate firms and banks laundering drug money. There may be a well established mythical base by now. Some single arguments admittedly even seemed to make sense, or partial sense. No doubt our countries are not beyond corruption, but the larger context in the argument is way too complex for me to simply subscribe to any the "basic laws" that seem to surface here again.

Notice, the Guardian link, drug laundering saved banks post 2008.



Last but not least, why Igot interested in the issue. I stopped almost all contact with a good friend from Czechoslovakia, after I realized he was involved in Opium, both trading and using it. Actually smoking it. And yes, I felt a bit guilty when he was dead due to an overdose a couple of years, not many, two? one and a half, after I last stumbled across him and found him gone beyond hope.


Why not 2005, Babak:



Thus you are another supporter of a return to ethnically defined national lines of division? Look I have no doubt you will show me inside the Seljuk line its pretty multicultural and outside it may be purely Pashtun? No?

You should watch your basic theses, my dear Babak, since ultimately you may be in search of evidence. ... One of my favorite fields in high school seems to have reached the limits of agreed on basic laws long ago.

Would it have helped to divide Iraq into ethnic lines to start with with the main three groups?

FB Ali

Some further context to the centrality of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (and thus its relations with China) in Pakistan's policies. Today its Army chief said that the Armed Forces were ready to "pay any price to turn this long cherished dream into a reality".

In Pakistan, domestic and foreign policies that impinge on security are the province of the military. This is one of them.

The military is using its own Works Organization to build the 870 km road linking Gwadar port as part of the CPEC; 500 km of this have already been completed.

Babak Makkinejad

Not at all.

North of the Seljuk Line, Afghanistan is populated by a diverse ethno-linguistic groups such as Turcoman, Hazara, Tadjik etc.; i.e. non-Pashtuns dominate.

Babak Makkinejad

Taliban had no qualms about producing and pricing heroin below opium to get more Muslims and others hooked on it.

Feeble-minded and ignorant Afghans might have believed their protestations of being advocates of Islam; not I.

Babak Makkinejad

My mistake. You are right - it started in 2005.

Hindus in India later escalated in 21010 (please http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052970203513204576046893652486616) and joined the Western Civilization's total economic War against Iran - the core state of the Muslim Civilization; validating Samuel Huntington's theses of wars of civilizations.

Hussan Zia

As far as Pakistan's interests go there is no clash with either the U.S or China. The latter needs Pakistan to help her keep peace in the Muslim-Turkish regions of the country and also as a conduit for energy supplies from the Middle East.

It enables her to bypass the choke point of western controlled Malacca Straits, at the same, shortens the distance to Africa and beyond for her exports and imports by more than ten thousand kilometers. This symbiotic relationship is here to stay barring some unforeseen catastrophic change.

Pakistan's relationship with the U.S has changed dramatically since the 1950s and 60s when she joined the western pacts in the hope that these will provide protection against any aggression by India. The situation changed when the pacts became redundant and India decided to go nuclear. Pakistan had no choice but to follow suit. It did not sit well with the West and relations soured, becoming almost adversarial. Pakistan harbours and will continue to harbour grave misgivings about western intentions which draws her closer still to China.

The West finds in India a natural ally given the present geo-political environment but the Indians, not wanting to be drawn into a confrontation with China or Russia, will go only part of the way with the West.

She is not at all happy with the close relationship between China and Pakistan but can do little about it. She is also resentful of Pakistan's influence and involvement in Afghanistan. Above all, she needs Pakistan as the bogeyman to keep her impossibly diverse internal make up united.

What happens in the region in the future mostly depends upon western aims and objectives in the Middle East and Central Asia. If it decides to pursue an aggressive containment policy towards China and Russia we should see more instability and polarisation. There is hope only if there is moderation and accommodation of regional states' interests.

Chances of the latter happening are remote but that is another story.

Babak Makkinejad

I do not think that there is any natural affinity between India - Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikh etc. - and the West.


Babak: That's no answer. And you know it.

The question was about your Seljuk line or a division between "good" or "evil", or as you may put i,t people beyond "cultural hope", since after all their grand-grand-grand-grand ... parents weren't born within you line.

In other words--at this point in time--people that are beyond redemption, for the simple reason they happen to have been born into a region outside the limits of the Seljuk empire quite a few centuries ago.

How is that possible. Did this empire shape--to use modern terms--shape a specific people versus the ones outside? And it by not yet recognized patterns was passed on to the children over the centuries? What's your evidence for that? I mean evidence beyond that people want to live their limited lives? And ideally don't want disruptions like war?

Could you e.g. via your more recent European-line-theory show that the disaster that Germans caused to the world, was basically a result of them not completely surrendering to Roman domination? Since the fought that. And the rest is simply a result?

In other words what sense do basic rules (theses) make, if they cannot be tested?


Babak, I tend to consider this legitimate, since it would make sense. After all the trail to Turkey no doubt had to pass Iran and must have left traces.

I also from a purely feminist perspective, which I grant you to distrust, do not believe there wasn't something below the religious power surface as far as the Taliban are concerned. Can there ever be?

But pray tell me, aren't there any financial interests below the rule by the Mullahs in Iran, or why they based on religion could be the first "power" in religion that does not misuse its power for their own designs?

Show me it doesn't.

Babak Makkinejad

I answered your question, quite factually, and you are still not satisfied?

I cannot do much more.

In regards to Good and Evil division that you raised: I never ever made a moral statement - only an empirical one: Jihadists seem to have roots in the non-Seljuk World.

Deal with it.

"People beyond redemption"? How quaint - a Christian doctrine coming from a lapsed Catholic...It is too funny...

I do not know how the Seljuk Empire caused the minds of men to change. That it did is beyond contest any dispassionate survey of the empirical reality can tell you that.

It is the work of scholars to discern and decipher the specific mechanism of the change that has persisted through centuries.

And why are you saying all these things; same patterns have persisted in Europe: in Spain, in Romania etc. I am not saying anything that is not equally applicable to Europe.

To your one before the last paragraph:

I do not have the depth of knowledge to even begin to select the secondary sources to write a college essay on your profound question.

My very shallow guess:

The amalgamation of the Personal Liberty of Germanic Tribes with Mystical Christianity


To your last sentence: I am sharing my insights based on empirical reality and a Hypotheses - The Makkinejad Theses.

You just need to find an overwhelming set of observations that negates them - say a very strong and relevant rational approach to Islam in non-Seljuk world; significant number of terrorists blowing themselves up who come from Seljuk areas, historical states persisting over the centuries regardless of dynasties coming and going in the non-Seljuk lands etc.

You won't fine them but you are welcome to try.

Babak Makkinejad

I do not understand your first sentence; what is the referent of "this" please?

I think more than 3500 Iranian soldiers and anti-narcotics policemen have been killed in the line of duty to stem the flow of drugs to Europe.

Perhaps you prefer Iranians to make a deal with drug smugglers and let them transship their goods to Europe - the Enemy of Iran par excellence?

"Show me is doesn't".

Why should I try?

I really do not care what you think on this subject.

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