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05 June 2015


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"CUMMING PRINCIPLE: The world of bytes and bits difficult to control and regulate by anyone."

I humbly disagree. The people who buy and sell useless wasteful services and products are mostly sales people and business leaders. A deadly combination of ignorance and greed.
The world of bits and bytes is very much a science or at least it has become now since those earlier days in 70s and 80s. Yes there is a general impulse among many including influential decision makers to run the industry on "fly by the seat of pants basis" but that doesn't mean there is no better alternative.

If a sales guy was able to sell me a tractor to mow my lawn, i would never blame caterpillar.



I completely agree with your perspective. But sales people and business leaders make up way too many of today's "leaders." I doubt this is really a new phenomenon either: the face of late 18th century science to the contemporary masses was Mesmer, not Lavoisier.

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