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13 June 2015


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ex-PFC Chuck

Awesome! Thank you for this great story, Richard.

Does this story have any basis in the personal experience of someone you know or knew?

Richard Sale

The historian John Toland wrote a book about this battle, He and I were friends. I once published a story about how all the British shipping in Hawaii was all in port when Pearl Harbor was attacked and he was jumping up and down saying I always near there was a british connection.

well, his book on the Battle is one of his masterpieces, and I began to read. I came across another excellent book by Gerald Astor and talked to Gerald Linderman who was also helpful.

then I sat down to thnk of how to make a story out of this information and anecdotses.

Thank you for your compliments.

They mean a lot.


William R. Cumming

Thanks Richard! I find there are many insights that can be gained by this story! Hoping some will share what they learned [already knew] for it [the story] and I will share some of mine later. No CIB here but always told and believed infantry that survived contact with the enemy had many kinds of intelligence! AND PERHAPS VERY LUCKY!

Richard Sale

thank you, William.


Charles Dekle

Thank you. That was a great story.

Johnny Reims

This is great writing. Triumphant. I agree with the others – thanks for sharing it.

Since, in your youth, you found yourself reading St. Th. A on a yacht near Catalina Island, I venture to say St. T.A. may describe this work as “magnanimous” – which “by its very name denotes stretching forth of the mind to great things.” (Summa, II of II, Question 129).

Richard Sale

What a wonderful quote and your use of it is extremely clever.

I am extremely glad that you like the writing. All of who write work like slaves in a mine.

The story was meant to memoralize, praise, the great bravery., resolution, and endurance the the compassion of the U.S. Army during the Battle of the Bulge. You veterans clearly have displayed the same qualities that I was attempting to portray.

Thanks again. It means a lot,


Richard Sale

Thank you.


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