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16 June 2015


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Imho, the most interesting think about this episode is how the behavior of this one individual has captured the nation's, and the media's, fancy the way it has. We seem to gobble up any news about race. Or maybe it's the summer doldrums.

William R. Cumming

From the POST:

"This morning on Fox News a psychiatrist tried to tell the morning news crew that it is a bad thing for people to tell themselves that they are what they feel themselves to be."

Many have weird beliefs about their own persona. But belief is one thing and acting on that belief another. Is this not a fundamental flaw in the followers of Islam Religion? And many other religions?

Richard Armstrong

Wasn't that the cartoon sailor Popeye who said, "I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam! "


there's this too.


[snip] “Ideology” is a word with a number of meanings, but the most useful, I think, was put forward by Eric Voegelin. In his thought, “ideology” signifies the attempt to create an abstract “second reality” that somehow seems preferable to the real world for the ideologue. The ideologue then attempts to live in that constructed reality, and to force others to do so as well.[/snip]


The schizophrenia of progressive thought on display.

Fake boobs, plastic surgery, and a bustier and voila! Bruce Jenner is now a "woman". However using frizzy hair and tanning to accomplish the same thing racially is not the same because...?

Actually, when pressed on this point its usually a word vomit of bogus post modern BS about how gender identity is fluid but racial identity is fixed. However when you point out that for decades now the Left has been telling us how race is a "social construct", you can almost see the stroke about to occur in their poor little brains.

Orwell was the most visionary writer of our time. He knew exactly what he was on about when he talked about doublethink.

cville reader

Funny thing, that. You can pretend reality doesn't exist, but the result is all sorts of contradictions.

There are also going to be problems between feminists, and transgendered persons who were born male. Turns out that females like Caitlyn like to dress up to the nines, and think that abortion is only an issue for females who were born with ovaries.

The Twisted Genius

This country is becoming one big cosplay convention.


This is from a couple of years ago: http://tinyurl.com/nbxc358. It echoes my wife's experience in Ireland in graduate school in the early 70s. She met a young medical student from South Africa who was coloured. His family was from India and he was a Muslim. He met a young Irish-American student and they started going out. When she took him to meet her parent, they kicked both of them out. He got a job polishing cars in the Chrysler Building. When my wife asked this fellow if he had ever been to the US. He told her he had, related these facts and told her he had joined the Black Panthers.

When his mother visited him, she was shocked, because it was the first time she had seen white fellows digging in the streets. She tried to give them money.



There already is a problem. Google the term "TERF" if you want to see some nice Coalition of the Fringes (credit to Sailer) infighting.



This country is pretty unserious.


Where's the Fifth Column of Fellow Travelers around here? I want to hear about how Bruce Jenner is a woman but Rachel Dolezal isn't black.


If he still has his balls, then he is only a wanna be.


Excellent article, thanks for the link!

cville reader

I just did (google TERF). Torturing language in order to communicate a thought is a pretty good sign that one's logic needs re-examination.

I learned this a long time ago when I was at college. I went to a very well-known Catholic university that required all undergraduates to take two semesters of theology and two semesters of philosophy.

One of my theology classes was taught by a woman who at that time was one of the preeminent feminist thelogians in the US. She made us write all blue-book test answers in "non-genderized" English. Failure to do so resulting in grade docking.

I resented the waste of time then, and still do.

Mark Logan

John Stewart poked fun at the attempt to draw broad conclusions from one crazy lady as well. All in all both shows did a very good job with this, much better than the Tee Vee people who label themselves journalists did. May God bless and protect our court jesters.

Babak Makkinejad

The question then boils down to this, doesn't it:

"What is Reality?"


"it is a bad thing for people to tell themselves that they are what they feel themselves to be."

Yes. Somatic (gender, race, etc,) transformations are comparatively harmless, but there are those who would like to "out" their inner Lord of the Universe. They are a global health menace.


Just what does the DSM V say about identifying as female even if you were born male? It seems the powers that be have no problem with a male who was an Olympic athlete and fathered multiple children that now "identifies" as a woman but how dare this white woman claim she is black?


§§ [the rating icon for windmill tilting rating: max=5]

The Twisted Genius

The unrelenting MSM fawning over Bruce/Caitlyn while getting the vapors over Rachel's deception is pretty comical. The mahus down on Hotel Street in Hawaii didn't bother me so I really don't give a rat's ass what either of these two do. As long as they don't bother me, I won't bother them. Just don't expect me to join in any parades for either of them.

I did enjoy that whole episode of The Nightly Show. Hilarious.

Babak Makkinejad

Or Sammy Davis Jr. a Jew.



I note the use of the term "post modern" increasingly in a partisan, political sense, rather than its original use denoting an aesthetic style that came after, what else, modernism--e.g., the architectural style that came after the international style of the 60s/70s was termed post-modern.

I understand your use of the term signifies something from the political left which you dislike. Does it mean anything specific?



The prototypical Irishman or Italian WAS White genetically. neither the phony Black woman nor Jenner are Black or female genetically. pl


Babak Davis chose to be a Jew religiously. He did not claim to be genetically an ethnic Jew. pl


One more note on this matter, though it really has little to do with the woman in question. Just my experience in New Orleans, a city where racial identity is indeed somewhat fluid.

In New Orleans there are thousands of people as light-skinned and as caucasian appearing as this woman and who identify as black. They are of French-African ancestry and are Catholic. Historically, they lived in New Orleans' 7th Ward, the Creole ward, around Corpus Christi Church. Their boys' high school was St Augustine, a Jesuit school, and for girls either Xavier Prep or St. Mary's Academy, where I taught for 1 year 20 yrs. ago. The archdiocese of New Orleans for years had the largest black Catholic population in the US.

When whites gave up their political grip on the city in the 70s, the first black mayor of New Orleans was Dutch Morial from the 7th Ward who grew up in a bilingual French and English household.

This group identified as black because they really had no choice with the "one drop rule". But imho, they also identified as black because within New Orleans they have a good deal of unique social and economic status. If they "became white", they would be like every other white person.

At St. Mary's Academy where I mentioned that I taught for a year, the school was run by the Sisters of the Holy Family, the only black order of nuns in the US. The school itself was founded immediately after the Civil War to educate the daughters conceived by the liasons between French gentlemen and their free quadroon mistresses.

The school--and the social clubs in the city--had debutante balls and enough high society to compete with Charleston or with white New Orleans. I also taught a girl with the last name of Plessy whose great great something or other was the plaintiff in the Jim Crow affirming Supreme Court case, Plessy v. Ferguson.

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