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28 June 2015


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David Habakkuk

Margaret Steinfels,

Maybe they're becoming Protestants!

cville reader

As my father used to say, "a family is not a democracy."

Last time I checked, neither was the Catholic Church.

Margaret Steinfels

More like Anglicans than Protestants, wouldn't you say.

Margaret Steinfels

Most institutions aren't democracies, including the Supreme Court as Chief Justice Roberts noted.


Morphing into a more militant version of Episcopalians. That actually appeals to me.

Margaret Steinfels

Not to quibble, but Anglicans not Episcopalians.


Yes, quite so. I do believe that the Episcopal Church is closer to the mindset of U.S. Catholics than Anglicans are. Like my siblings, I migrated to the Episcopal church from Catholicism and that is the basis of my observation.


True, but they do get to vote with their feet and pocketbooks.


Bobby Fischer was the greatest chess player in history. As a child his IQ was measured at 181. He had an extremely rare strategic mind which could "see" a million permutations at once and arrive at the best move. Fischer, who was Jewish by blood, was interested in Catholicism all of his life. While there is no evidence Fischer ever converted to Catholicism, near the end of his life he told his Icelandic friend Gardar Sverrisson, "The only hope for the world is through Catholicism."*

*Frank Brady, "Endgame" (Crown, 2011) p. 315)

Btw, I recommend the Audible version of Frank Brady's biography of Fischer, because with the print edition you'll be bogged down with unpronounceable Hungarian, Russian, and Icelandic names.

Nancy K

I have been fascinated by Catholicism since spending a year in Spain and celebrating Semana Santa. Now with Pope Francis I find it even more appealing.


"Maybe they're becoming Protestants!"

Only when they are completely erased from SCOTUS.

Maybe Walrus could offer some child abuse claims of his own against the catholic judges. You know some cats are so gray that people make a point of never seeing them. Allow me to show him an example of how those evil judges might be concealing their sins.


See? It is the NYT. You can read that. It is wattered down enough for your delicate tastes.


Tyler, you're dealing with a problem endemic to the european man. There is just a greater than normal proportion among them of people who are exceedingly tolerant to the sins of strangers, but react furiously to any minor misstep by their own kin. They seem to look forward to these little events, so they can ventilate all frustration upon someone who is least expected to react in an unpredictable way. Your generation is going to be the scapegoat for sins real and imaginary. The baby boomers just want their pensions flowing undisturbed and they are the biggest false moralizers ever to set foot on Earth.


By the way, the kabuki script, courtesy of Adelson's conspiratorial anti-noticing meetings is flowing through the news. It was a well known little farce of the liberal zionists to pretend they were liberals, but now the time for great farces is at hand and even the big cats will pretend dissent. As they say, two jews, three opinions, four of those demanding the extermination of their competitors and five of those explaining how tolerant and innocent they are.


"Bobby Fischer was the greatest chess player in history."

The greatest intuitive american mathematician who ever lived was John Forbes Nash, a guy whom our own Imagine used to consider little more than a "frat boy." Nash was exceptionally talented for noticing patterns of action among free agents. He was able to perceive the process of takeover of certain departments of american Academy by an informed minority and rightfully anticipated that he would be denied a much deserving Fields Medal. Nash and Bobby Fisher shared many insights about the political reality around them that many of you of the american intelligentsia are far from being able to grasp even to this day. Nash, being extremely sensitive suffered heavy psychological damage taking exile in an internal hell. Bobby Fisher, being haf jewish, was allowed to escape to external exile.

It was just a few years ago, that talking about the existence of a jewish lobby proposing wars in the Middle-east was considered a sign of an unhealthy mind.

By the way, you can understand more about Nash's plight by taking notice of the efforts to take Richard Hamilton out of the picture and award full honors to Grigori Perelman for the proof of the Poincaré Conjecture, to the point that even the horrid Masha Gessen was dispatched to make propaganda about Perelman, who is himself a far better person than the ethnic activists buzzing over his achievement. Soo was Bobby Fisher. So was John Forbes Nash.

Babak Makkinejad

But why would anyone care about denying Nash the Fields Prize?

It was awarded to an Shia Muslim Iranian woman in 2014:



Margaret -

I grew up in a Catholic family and have many Catholic friends. This is not news.


That's interesting, though I'm not a fan of Nash the man. Speaking of Poincaré, I always thought it was very interesting that E.T. Whittaker, FRS, the noted British mathematician and historian of science (and Catholic convert), gives credit to Poincaré and Lorentz, not Einstein, for developing the theory of special relativity. And even credits Poincaré with the formula E=MC^2. Talk about chutzpah on Whittaker's part. Another noted mathematician and historian of science, Clifford Truesdell, wrote in a 1984 work that, "[Whittaker] aroused colossal antagonism by trying to set the record straight on the basis of print and record rather than recollection and folklore and professional propaganda,..." Alas, I think we know which version of history won out.

From Wikipedia:

In 1951 (Vol. 1) and 1953 (Vol. 2), he published an extended and revised edition of his book in two volumes. The second volume contains some interesting historical remarks. For example, it contains a chapter named "The Relativity Theory of Poincaré and Lorentz", where Whittaker credited Henri Poincaré and Lorentz for developing special relativity, and he attributed to Einstein's special relativity paper only little importance, which he said "set forth the relativity theory of Poincare and Lorentz with some amplifications, and which attracted much attention”, and he credited Einstein only with being the first to publish the correct relativistic formulas for relativistic aberration and the Doppler effect. He also attributed the formula E=mc^2 to Poincaré. In 1984 Clifford Truesdell wrote that Whittaker "aroused colossal antagonism by trying to set the record straight on the basis of print and record rather than recollection and folklore and professional propaganda,..."


Margaret Steinfels

Right. Ditto myself. Still am. It always seems like news to the rest of the world!

Babak Makkinejad

Lougunov also agreed with Truesdell and Whittaker:

On the articles by Henri Poincare, "On the dynamics of the electron"


Sidney O. Smith III

Nancy K
Triana calls! Barcelona calls! I loved it all. If I can make it work financially (a bit iffy), I am headed back. Michener got "it". Hemingway too in For Whom the Bell Tolls (don't forget the massacre scene at Ronda). And George Orwell in For Whom the Bell Tolls. And Gaudi in Barcelona. Wow. (Gaudi was with the "republicans" but the leftists damn near destroyed his work). Can you believe the architecture of La Sagrada Familia? I did not know what it was all about until I walked inside.

Check out the mysticism of St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila. So crazy that I got pulled in and I was the epitome of secular humanism.



Dang it. Orwell in Homage to Catalonia. Every time I try to act "intellectual" I get popped but good! Still love Spain. My Catholicism is French, though. I came into the church via a Trappist monk/priest/genius/ who listened to me when no one else did. No one else in the world. So out of loyalty to him, I reckon, I joined the "senior circuit" But I am not a good Catholic and I'll just leave it at that. Enjoy Mass though.

William R. Cumming

IMO it will be of interest when a book appears analyzing SCOTUS and its CATHOLIC members!

Dr. K

I was raised Catholic and did not practice my faith for nearly forty years. When I gradually came back to Christianity I dabbled in different denominations, some fudamentalist. Then George W Bush was elected and I found I could not support his policies or people who supported them. So I went back to the Catholic Church. I'm glad I did.

different clue


I wonder if Bobby Fischer reveals the mental risks and dangers of having the kind of mind that registers a very high IQ. As I remember he spent many last years of his life as a kind of paranoid semi-recluse. This comment also made me think of Mr. Nash who had a powerfully brilliant mind-for-mathematics but also had schizophrenia I believe.

I remember once either seeing a TV show or reading an article about super ultra high IQ people and the trouble some of them had adjusting to the rest of us. One person featured had an IQ measured by others ( not just his own self-reporting) to be 210. He lived in a trailer way out in the woods somewhere, had trouble holding any kind of job or adjusting to people in any way. He looked like a muscled-up body builder so he had no apparent trouble taking care of his physical self. He described himself as working on some big theory of something which would fix all the problems between Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity . . . and various quantum mechanics theories and subatomic particle knowledge. He was trying to do this on a trailer-in-the-woods budget. It is unfortunate that no University or other big institution would sponsor and support him for years just to see what happens.

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