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13 June 2015


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William R. Cumming

ALL: Okay please fess up? Do any of the 2016 Presidential candidates have solid FP experience?



William R. Cumming

ALL: Well JEB and Hillary now outsiders? By the time of his Martha Vineyard's vacation suspect the words "lame duck" will often be applied to the current President.

How many of the currently announced candidates have indicate that their vision if of an American in rapid decline and can only be fixed if Washington. D.C. fixed?

No candidate has identified the Washington problem as CORRUPTION AND SELF-DEALING to my knowledge. And none will IMO!

Perhaps of some interest former WH staffer Sydney Blumenthal has released to Congress his exchanges with the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the attacks in Libya leading to the deaths in Benghazi!

William R. Cumming

The DONALD in announcing for the Presidential campaign flatly stated a number of times that only HE could stop American Decline. Perhaps I misheard.


WRC, a more personal note. If you would drop, or maybe reduce the use of capitals, I could imagine to not simply scroll on when I see longer contributions by yours truly.

Maybe I didn't take Obama's FP experience or missing FP experience serious enough. And yes, there was a lot or even more general missing experience complaint. Good advisers, like Michael Brenner may be helpful in the larger context.

But I consider your focus wrong. Do American's vote based on FP?

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