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27 June 2015


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William R. Cumming

Thanks SOS for this wonderful post!


Wisely and eloquently expressed.
It might be useful for people to look again at the picture of Dylann Roof squatting and spitting on the US flag. Hard to find as the Google Borg doesn't make it too accessible.
And look at Sikh history to get a feel for what it's like to be on the receiving end of militant ethnic nationalism and religious craziness for hundreds of years.
I disagree with a lot of Nikki Haley's US politics, but I'm confident her tears were real and came a little from the suffering of the Sikhs in the melting pot of North India.


This is a lot of clever sophistry to disguise the fact that while the Confederate flag is the worst thing in the world, the same people screaming their heads off about it have no problem with supporting cop killer Mumuia, Che Guevara, or wearing Communist iconography. These people will not stop wearing those things or stop celebrating what they represent. They will not respect you because of an article like this. All they want is your defeat and total humiliation, and you seem more than willing to give it to them.

This is a battle of ideas, and all you are doing with this sort of pablum is showing your willingness to lose as long as you get to lose feeling morally superior about it.

Have fun with that.


If I may show my "narcisstic nationalist elements" although there is no evidence for my suspicion at least as far as Bamberg is concerned, could the founders origin be here?


Anyway: Sidney O. Smith III, glad to see you up there. You were more rare recently even in the comment section.


Furthermore, this kind of thinking just legitimizes the kind of crap the Left spews out on a daily basis. You think the other side is ever going to admit that Stalin killed more than Hitler, that communism was a failure that murdered millions, that they're ever going to turn Critical Theory back on their own icons? Hell no.

It's like Lenin said: "Who will do what to whom?" They don't have a problem with people who've done off things in the past, its just that they don't like it when YOU celebrate your heroes and their accomplishments.

More of the "let us lose with nobility" instinct while the other side rampages. This isn't so much an argument as much as it is moral preening so everyone can see how 'good' you are.

Johnny Reims

WRC and John
Thank you very much. And John, I agree. So incredibly complicated and I have not a clue what lies ahead. Again, thanks. Sid


Meanwhile in Novorussia:


David Habakkuk

Sidney O. Smith III,

Very good to see you back here on SST, writing under your own name.


Thanks for this. You are correct that the South is a great place to live, and the modern South is nothing like the way some people want to portray it. But then, having lived around the country a bit, I think that every area has its positives and negatives. The South, just like everywhere else, has its good and bad. Better food, more palmetto bugs. Meh.

Whatever the battle flag once represented, it has been stolen. I wish that there existed a symbol that could represent the courage and honor of those who fought and died bravely, but didn't have the negative side of this flag. I just don't know what that would be anymore. Certainly the statues we have that memorialize individuals, and entire units or states in some cases (Gettysburg e.g.) do that, but those aren't exactly portable or easy to display. Still, until we find such a symbol, the display of this flag at official govt sites should end. (Private individuals can do what they want.)


Johnny Reims


If you can follow this complicated history from Germany, then that says a lot about you.

One thing I can assure you. Jim Webb is NOT a racist. It will be fascinating to see how his stance plays out in the msm.

Pre - Roof the Confederate flag symbolized an entire spectrum. The most positive would be someone like Jim Webb from Virginia. The most negative is the 20st century incarnation of the KKK.

I attended a very integrated public school in the Deep South, granted it was many years ago. But most blacks I knew then could make those distinctions between a Webb and someone not like him.

Jim Webb is a good man and, imo, he must have been one incredible platoon officer back in the day.

I have read Conquest's book too and agree.

I have very strong libertarian leanings and was within a few seconds of voting for Ron Paul in the Georgia primary a few years ago. I am not ruling out his son but I can't tell where he is coming from: re foreign policy and national police state.

I have worked fairly hard in the past to revive the Southern symbols -- harder than you, I imagine -- many of which came from the "war" -- that clearly show there is a Southern tradition of fighting tyranny.

From what I can tell you are not a Southerner. I know you have a lot of pain from what happened from your sister.

And just so you know, I know of a lot of tragedies in Charleston from a few years ago and at some point I may mention them.

But in the South, you first "pay our respects". I was in a small Southern town yesterday that probably voted 75 per cent for Romney and is Red Republican all the way. I saw several expressions of respect for what happened in Charleston , mainly the flying of the US flag.

Communist? You should have read a script I wrote a very years ago. It was about as Southern as you get. But I don't think you are a Southerner.


You know, I think he just provided a very personal, reasoned account of why he thinks this flag should not be displayed in public facilities, based upon its own merits (along with his own positive views on the South). I have no idea if you actually agree with him or disagree with his argument. It is clear that you just want to turn this into culture war. (Reminds me of those who defend everything Obama does by claiming Bush was worse.)


Johnny Reims

Thank you very much.

There is a person here who writes under "cville". He's has great insights re: South and North.

BTW, my response may take awhile because I am still trying to figure out how to post responses to this essay. So this may take awhile to reach you.



Meaning I may have not recognized him in the comment section either?



None of this addresses my points that the Right will willingly do what the Left would never do under duress. There will always be another bridge to cross where you must denigrate your ancestors and what came before. It will never stop. Its not about "closing any doors" or putting things behind us, its about the triumph of seeing your enemies grovel before you. Full stop.

Not Southerner? I spent my summers as a youth in Honaker, VA and grew up on the Eastern Shore of MD. I can't count the number of family members I've lost in mine disasters, and it goes on. I may not be Southern enough for you, but I'm Southern enough to know that Quisling talk like this isn't a Southern tradition.


The more Southern than Thou is a false argument though - the issue at hand is the willingness of the Right to self destruct in the name of losing with nobility with articles like this.

cville reader

Right now, the biggest risk is that an overreaction to the Roof massacre, including demands for the eradication of Confederate monuments, will inflame exactly the kind of sentiments that such actions are supposedly trying to prevent. So it is probably a good idea to tread very carefully there.

As an aside, I would love to know what organizations inspired Roof, and what websites he visited.

After the Boston Bombing, I followed some online links and watched several Youtube videos made by brigades in the Islamic Caucasus Emirate located in Dagestan. (Hopefully, I haven't become a target of national surveillance as a result!)

What is really striking to me is that some of the posing and the generally iconography in the Roof photos is very similar to some of those online videos. The main difference is that the terrorist videos usually have several buddies in each frame and Dylann, of course, is always alone.

I am not drawing any conclusions. Perhaps it is just a reflection of some universal instincts.



Because it IS a culture war steve.


To paraphrase Trotsky: You may not believe in culture war, but the culture war believes in you. Too many of you around here think if you put your heads in the sand this will all just fly over you and it won't bother you at all.

"Personal, reasoned account". For some of us, more matters than simply how many GoodFeels and "tingles up our leg" we get from reading something. This is just the same kind of moral status preening that I give the Left hell for engaging in. Its rhetorical posturing that lets him feel good for "doing the right thing" in his own mind while ignoring the fact that it changes nothing in the grander scheme.

cville reader


BTW, I've lived in several different parts of the country as well.

Strange as it may seem, those who have traveled alot internationally (excluding the military, of course), often have done much less travel within their own country.

Not that there is anything wrong with foreign travel-- for me it's just going to have wait a few years!

Babak Makkinejad

Sidney O. Smith III

Between the Iran-Pakistan border to Indi-China border there is only a single pleasant and wonderful city - reminiscent to Isphahan - Amritsar, the City of Sikhs.

The Sikh scripture contains a large amount of Persian mystical poetry, embodying and developing the familiar thematic structures of Persian Mysticism http://sikhchic.com/columnists/the_sikhsufi_connection - itself a product of the Seljuk Culture and Civilization.

Is it any wonder then that neither Hindus nor Sunni Muslims could ever build anything like Amritsar anywhere else in all of historical India?

It is astonishing to see the influence of Seljuk Civilization so far from its historical lands - an amazing thing indeed...now in South Carolina...


On behalf on our dulband associates: "Sat Sri Akal."

ex-PFC Chuck

Per the note re the author at the very end of the post: "The author has occasionally commented under the name “Johnny Reims” at Sic Semper Tyrannis."

Johnny Reims

David H.
Thank you very much. Your writing continues to amaze. Sid

Johnny Reims

ex pfc chuck
Yes. Thanks. I enjoy your comments btw. Sid

Johnny Reims

Ah...Babak...I should have known you would see this through Persian tinted glasses. From the Seljuk civilization to Bamberg, SC. Admittedly, I enjoy reading those kind of comments but glad we have folks here who keep you honest. And, assuming you live in the West, I bet you are thankful at some level. Come on, Babak...admit it. Sid

David Habakkuk

Also under at least one other name, I think.

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