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14 June 2015


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Pete Deer

Is your point a rhetorical hypothesis? pl


Significant parts of the Obama administration obviously come to the same conclusion as the Kagan neocon shop - without doing ANY analysis.


Pete, did you mean this: "as long as they or their kids have to do the actual fighting" or just the opposite?



Analysis is much easier if you start with the conclusion & then cherry pick the data to reach that conclusion. Shameful & dishonest; but, unfortunately a popular methodology inside the Beltway.


booby and b

An experiment to learn if there are any shreds of professional pride still alive among them. pl


Honest question: Would this be better if they published policy recommendations as a separate paper than their analyses? Or do you believe that intelligence people should not do policy recommendations, and if so, why? Thanks.



The think tanks write what their donors want to hear. They do it very well since they get paid to do it. They do not mention that the USA has been at war in Iraq for 25 years. They do not hint that since the end of the draft, the US Army is undermanned for the wars in Europe, South Asia, Africa and Middle East. They have blacked out that the USA has had to use puppet and proxy forces on the ground who either run away or turn on their pay masters. They avoid talking about the USA trying to take down the Syrian government with Sunni Islamists while selectively bombing them at the same time.

The media more or less reprints the White House and corporate talking points but blurts out the military’s viewpoint now and then:

The fact is the USA is face down in the Long Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that cannot be won but is unwilling to leave. Trillions of dollars are spent on nothing; yet, once again, a new Fort will be built next to Ramadi with some 450 American souls. But, the leaders decided that it would be too risky to place forward air controllers on the ground in Iraq. It would be too effective and aid the Shiite militias too much.

There is no strategic vision to end the wars and secure the peace. The Sunni Shiite Holy War that Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are promoting and which the USA is enabling is not going to end well.



"The think tanks write what their donors want to hear. They do it very well since they get paid to do it." Really? You mean they have an agenda and the people who work for them are not all trust fund kids.? pl


"Intelligencer" is about information describing the existing world or the world that is likely to be. "Policy" is about depicting a world one wishes to create. If the same people do both, then the "intelligence" is hopelessly compromised. pl

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