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24 June 2015


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I'm not defending having the flag on state grounds, as I said, so no argument there. I do think it unlikely that these mayors and governors have been secretly longing to pull down flags, statues, rename streets and squares, call in license plates, etc. and have just been waiting for the right moment -- unless you can point me to previous actions or statements that would suggest that. Gov. Bentley of Alabama, like many GOP governors, is confronting a giant budget deficit. Protests around the statehouse over an old flag, he doesn't need. As a political calculation, I understand it. But that's what it is. He's warding off potential trouble at what he believes will be very low political price. These guys are not profiles in courage.

As for the KKK and Roof -- I hope it goes without saying that I think as little of white supremacist groups and armed nutjobs as you do and loathe their appropriation of the flag. But it seems to me that we're now talking about protected speech, and they should be able, as private citizens, to wave whatever flag they want to wave, however much I disapprove of the message they're sending thereby.



That sound is the point sailing over your head, that you've buried in the sand to try and ignore the point of how the MSM suddenly got on line about the Confederate flag.

Once a fool.



Whoops! Good catch! Thanks!



As I live pretty far away from Panem, I doubt these outlying territories will be subject to anything more than unenforceable dictats.

Wish I could say the same about when the vibrant yoots show up for you, but just tell em you defended them on the internet. I'm sure it will end well for you!



Only those like GCP believe in "As Seen on TV" magical blacks and evil whites from the middle of their 87%+ whitopias. Your friend sounds like he knew what was going on.



Doubtful. Mark is just trolling pretending its not a big deal until it goes down, and then he'll say "Well everyone thought it needed to be done", ala homo marriage.

Remember that an imperial court shoved homo marriage on the American people via judicial activism after we were told for years that "the people" wanted it (even though it was voted down time and time again when presented as a proposition, in California as well of all places!).

Next up you'd hear Mark saying "Who is calling for polygamy/Who is calling for churches to lose their tax exempt status for not bowing to homo power?" Its him and his ilk being disingenuously obtuse to try and smokescreen what's really going on.


Hello LeaNder,

Some time ago I reviewed all of the children's books on Ester in our public library -- about 28, if I remember correctly. Persians were roundly demonized in most of them, but none of them mentioned that Esther had 75,000 Persians killed. It was surprising.

Twice in the last two days persons who identified themselves as staunch zionists have dated the "welcoming relationship" between Jews and Persians to Esther and Purim rather than to Cyrus. That too was remarkable, and seems to follow the mindset that Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro is so concerned about.

The wikipedia entry provides several sources that claim that Esther is not historically accurate. Benzion Netanyahu, Bibi's father, concurs: in a footnote to his "Origins of the Spanish Inquisition" he notes that it is not likely that such an event actually took place but that the tale was created (I would say, synthesized, based on the older myth of Ishtar) when Jews in Persia were experiencing difficulties.

The idea of having a fun time and dressing up and acting -- or getting -- a little drunk, something out of the ordinary, is delightful. Purim occurs at around the same time as Shrove Tuesday, which is Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Rabbi Shapiro's explanation of how alien zionism is from Judaism is a welcome insight.

I just read that the US has a 30,000 pound bomb that can destroy Iran's dug-in enrichment facilities that it is using to "assure" Israel and menace Iran. This is extremely troubling: zionist Israel's problems are psychospiritual, not geopolitical -- "More need they the divine than the tactician."

Benjamin Netanyahu has used the Esther story on more than one occasion to "warn" the United States that "Jews" have killed Iranians before and are willing to do so again. Killing has become a sacrament in the zionist religion, and US leaders are converting to the creed with reckless abandon. As Rabbi Shapiro complains, zionism denies the god of Torah and makes of god of itself.

There's a passage in "The Brothers Karamazov" (Book VI ch 2, "The Mysterious Visitor" that reflects on similar themes --

"All mankind in our age have split up into units, they all keep apart, each in his own groove; each one holds aloof, hides himself and hides what he has, from the rest, and he ends by being repelled by others and repelling them. He heaps up riches by himself and thinks, ‘How strong I am now and how secure,’ and in his madness he does not understand that the more he heaps up, the more he sinks into self-destructive impotence. For he is accustomed to rely upon himself alone and to cut himself off from the whole; he has trained himself not to believe in the help of others, in men and in humanity, and only trembles for fear he should lose his money and the privileges that he has won for himself. Everywhere in these days men have, in their mockery, ceased to understand that the true security is to be found in social solidarity rather than in isolated individual effort. But this terrible individualism must inevitably have an end, and all will suddenly understand how unnaturally they are separated from one another. It will be the spirit of the time, and people will marvel that they have sat so long in darkness without seeing the light. "

Mark Logan

Col, Thanks.

Small comfort, perhaps, out here in the inconsequential hinterlands those Furies have a problem. This incident has been a hot topic in the conversations at work and at the tables and nearly all of the ones of late include a comment and general agreement of awe, approaching reverence, for the way those half-wit knuckle dragging "southerners" have conducted themselves. Puts the rest of us to shame, big time.


William R. Cumming



Just came across Thomas Fleming on the bookshelf, "The New Dealers' War."

Brian Lamb interviewed Fleming here

Fleming talked about growing up in New Jersey "worshiping FDR."
Then he grew up:
"But as you get older, you begin to look back on things, not through a haze of memory,. . . [especially] if you go into the business of being an historian. . . .right now I think we're just getting to the end of the influence of memory on history, and . . .getting into the pure history of World War II."

Fleming references a concept by Michael Kammen in his book, "Mystic Chords of Memory."

"he speculates on the impact of memory in history. He maintains that it takes about 100 years for somebody, for a generation or a country to get to the point where they can look back on a gigantic experience, like World War II or the Civil War, objectively."

It is ardently to be hoped that we can get to an accurate history of US wars before we follow the wrong path -- as G H W Bush did -- and embroil ourselves in yet another one.

There's a dynamic fogging the collective brain of Congress that is frighteningly immature and misinformed that compels them to think that bombing Iran is legal, moral, appropriate and necessary. I am more frightened of US Congress & Israeli influence on it than I have ever been.



The SPLC wants to take a softer, gentler ISIS approach to the eradication of Southern Culture. They'll have plenty of help too:

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