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07 May 2015


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William R. Cumming

Thanks CP and apparently the US supported the MeK post Saddam as an effective anti-Iranian force. Not sure how or when that support stopped! Is this correct?

I would be interested if you can link or post to any history of post Saddam anti Iranian activity promoted by the US until its evacuation that the US conducted within the geographic boundries of Iraq?

Was the Iranian-Iraq border the only border of Iraq in which the US showed any interest from spring 1991 on?

And perhaps you can explain how you believe any controls on borders support the nation-state system? Or not?


I gave a mil briefing to some junior peers in the 2007 timeframe and refered to MEK as a terrorist organization. I was stopped mid-paragraph and asked to explain what I meant. I said MEK is a well know terrorist organization and (at that time) was on the state dept list of terrorist organizations. To a man nearly the entire room refused to believe me. The logic train was "We're working with MEK, therefore they must be the good guys, good guys can't be terrorists, therefore MEK aren't terrorists." In spite of the fact they could just google it, they just pretended what I said didn't exist. I wasn't surprised when they were taken of the terrorist list as the cognitive dissonance must have been painful over time.

At the time I didn't think we could get any loonier with our associations. Now were playing footsie with AQ affiliates and ISIS. There seems to be no bottom.

Babak Makkinejad

Their terror campaign against the legally and duly constructed nascent Islamic Republic of Iran resulted in violent backlash by the new government, the negative effects of which could be felt to this day - on Liberty, Rule of Law, etc.


Syrus Safdari on the MEK/PMOI:


Patrick Bahzad

One important point you're not mentioning ... Where is masoud rajavi and how has maryam become leader of the organisation ?!
As a side note, maryam used to be married to the number 4 man of MeK who announced he would happily leave his wife to masoud rajavi when he showed interest in her ! And that's just the funnily weird stuff about them ... You mentioned some of the more serious and dangerous allegations


Perhaps Mahsoud is in occultation? Hibernation? Or he died. These things happen.

Babak Makkinejad

There is nothing funnily weird about "Wife Swapping" - certain not to the very seriously religious and I do not care what religion they profess.

Patrick Bahzad

You better Tell that to them ! I Wasn't involved in any of it so keep the blame for who it should be addressed to ! As for me, id Rather keep a certain sense if humour about it ... It does Help in order to stay functional and sane

The Beaver


Don't know whether you have seen this:


When it started and how he managed to leave MEK.


I hadn't, but thanks for the link. The story matches perfectly with what RAND and HRW describe.

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