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16 May 2015


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Patrick Bahzad

Your prediction is as good as any ... Why not after all, even though the IS can't sustain a long term urban engagement the likes of which you're describng. That's why they either gonna take Baghdad after a well prepared overwhelming attack on major centers, following prolonged terror campaigns ... Or they won't take it at all, never mind the militias, if the IRGC doesn't coordinate their actions, they won't stop anybody. Problem is if IRGC is in, US air support is out and vice versa. Well if Baghdad is on the line maybe they'll find some agreement.

However, I think you have to check your timeline as I suppose your account is not first hand, but Baghdad was in the process of ethnic cleansing as early as 2004 when the SPCs started leaving bodies on the streets at night and taking in Sunnis by the hundreds. 2006 and samarra has nothing to do with it.


I was only 7 when that happened but I remember the day that in the school the loudspeakers played marshal music and announced the liberation of the city: it was a well known fact that the volunteer Basij and Pasdaran played a major role. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberation_of_Khorramshahr Obviously, I was not on the ground but there was no Iranian army to talk about at that point as all the officers had either been imprisoned, executed or fled the country. My cousin bing a Major at that point, was the highest rank in his division as all the rest was "taken care of". Also Mohsen Rezai (who 20 years later became the defense minister) & Mohamad Jahanara ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Jahanara ) were one of the most important leaders of that campaign and both were only recently graduated students at that time.


"But his claim that Bin Laden was in Pakistani custody and found through a walk-in instead of torturing couriers, as the CIA claims, was confirmed by Charlotta Gall in the NYT and through the Pakistani The News. "

Here's John Brennan in December 2014:

"It is our considered view that the detainees who were subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques provided information that was useful and was used in the ultimate operation to go against Bin Laden."



If Hersh is correct, and it appaears to be on that point, that's then another nail in the coffin of the justifications for the US torture program. Not only was it obviously illegal and the knew it (the memos speak a clear language in that regard)) - it also did it not work - and they knew that too, and lied about it.

It's rather easy to see what likely motivated Brennan when he made his statement:

It protected individual and instuitutional asses (by asserting that torture, 'while controversial', was of use and not just pointless sadism) and it protected a source (that walk-in) at the same time.



This all reminds me of lies we were told about Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman on and on. Bullshit!



"there was no Iranian army to talk about at that point as all the officers had either been imprisoned, executed or fled the country." That is simply untrue. Forces like the former Imperial Marines and other high quality units were sent to their death in Khorramshar by the mullahs in order to be rid of them. Pasdaran casualties at Khorrramshar were so high that afterward Iran began using Pasdaran cadres to command Bassij formations that were used like the cannon fodder that they were. Your early exposure to mullah propaganda is showing. In spite of the heavy losses from purges the Iranian Army remained the force more feared by the Iraqis rather than the Padaran/Basiij who could always be butchered so long as ammunition did not run out. That was true throughout the war. pl



Looks like our Shia friends did it again. They abandoned half a dozen tanks, some artillery and other goodies to IS in Ramadi.




"Patrick: US faut if i get you Right !?"

not easy to read, no doubt. I had the same problem.

"This was the obvious result of preventing the real Iraqi army from moving in force to Anbar because the Iraqi government is still playing the US game was" = I wonder a bit where "was" would have led?

Sounds like: if only the Americans weren't holding back the "real Iraqi army" matters would look very, very different. Hmmm??

And of course the US supports the Takfiri's.

In other words they (US) are not struggling with unintended* results, and maybe do not like to sacrifice their own, but in fact like it exactly this way?

* I do remember the rumors that a special cabal, mostly, wanted to break up Iraq to start with. He may be relying on that wisdom. That's the only thing it feels that could be at the back of his mind.

William R. Cumming

ALL: Who designed the GREEN ZONE defenses in Baghdad?



If you mean the US Embassy quarter I would think the State Department did that with the help of various contractors. pl

Patrick Bahzad

Initially was the US, but everything was handed over to Iraqi government in 2009 I think. Not sure how they beefed-up security since ...


Personal, first hand information, information about the ranking in my cousin's division is not based on propaganda. As was the case in USSR during the invasion of Nazis, in Germany during the final stages of the war, in Vietnam, Afghanistan, … in Iran also the young contributed disproportionately, though not necessarily efficient, to the defense of their country.

Having lived in Iran and multiple Western countries, I can testify that there was/is a brainwashing of the population in the West to frame the contribution of the general population to the "Sacred Defense" against Saddam's henchmen, as an irrational act of the crazies. A narrative has been built that is difficult to counter. However, the sacrificing spirit is still carrying through as evidence by contribution of volunteers to the fight against DAESH. The volunteering spirit is still going on http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/world/2015/05/150521_l45_iranian_kurd_ypg?SThisFB&fb_ref=Default



I was head of intelligence in DIA for the ME during the Iran-Iraq War so obviously I am part of the conspiracy. It was an easy collection and analysis task to know what both you and the Iraqis were doing, but you know better. Why do you come to SST? You wish to "beard" the devils in their den? pl

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