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15 May 2015


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That woman is a monster.


From the wiki on her: "She serves as the head of the Knesset Lobby for Infiltrators, the Lobby for Israeli Literature and the Encouragement of Reading in Israel and the Lobby for Jonathan Pollard."

Nice to know our traitor Jonathan Pollard has yet another friend in Israel.


That N is bought and paid for has never been a question..not to waste space on. N has his own issues. Oh hum .. S is for good cop bad cop string puller theater. Punt.

r whitman

Pam Gellers sister???


“Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads."

Change the wording and it will read

“Behind every soldier stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in war. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads."

So basically we shall go back to Total War. Lets just drop the Geneva Convention and all such silly things as wanting to minimize civilian casualties and unnecessary bloodshed in warfare.

Everything is permitted once more and might is right.

Fanaticism and ignorance of the worst kind.


And she is claimed to be secular (what ever that means there). I thought extremists were all religious there.

Medicine Man

I for one welcome that segment of Israeli society dropping all pretense.


"Justice" minister?

Perhaps, this radically frank view of the position of the Zionists since the beginning of the twentieth century will open more eyes to its horrific message. It seems Israeli society has finally lost all sense of the message of their own scriptures that teaches real justice and has devolved into pure evil and racial bigotry.

The fundamental lie of Zionism that a people without land settled a land without people comes to final bloom. The people who were slaughtered in the Nazi death camps have come full circle creating death camps of their own to empty the land that was fully occupied before Zionism brought the horrors of the Nakba, the Wall, the checkpoints, settlements, and hundreds of continuing daily atrocities.

The United States should follow its own stated goal of bringing freedom and justice (in the true sense) to oppressed peoples and turn on these horrible people, stopping all aid and commerce until at least a modicum of human rights are guaranteed to the Palestinians who are currently being debased by Israel. Few people are more oppressed than the Palestinians. It is a wonder that they are not more violent.

It is time for US to make some stand to stop this incipient genocide of the Palestinians.


A close look at her features suggests that she is not a direct descendant of the Israelites - or even Abraham. A DNA scan would be amusing to see.
Perhaps that in what has made her secular.


hate is hate is hate. The reasons of the perpetrators may differ but the victims die just as easily and as horribly. To a secular Jew in Israel who loves her country, sees no other place for her and especially her kids anywhere else and looks at another people in the same physical place, those people become the ENEMY in her mind. And the enemy must be eliminated as far as she is concerned. I do not justify that mindset but I do understand it. Hatred is not always irrational nor is the fear on which it is so often based.



She is half Russian and half Iraqi. pl


she's responded to that fearsome caricature with a non-denial denial in the Jerusalem Post op-ed 7-16-2014 http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-Ed-Contributors/Exposing-militant-leftist-propaganda-363062


Well that does not sound too far from like Himmler's Posen speech "Thus I have basically given the order to also kill the wives and children of these partisans, and commissars. I would be a weakling and a criminal to our descendants if I allowed the hate-filled sons of the sub-humans we have liquidated in this struggle of humanity against subhumanity to grow up."


I agree. It's not like this is anything new. It's been this way since the beginning: people like her 'founded' Israel in an ethnic cleansing campaign during 1947-48. The vast majority of Israelis either agree with her or don't substantially disagree. The voting record speaks for itself.

Israelis have had political alternatives in the Knesset to their current path. These parties get a few seats at most. The decisive majority have consistently chosen and continue to choose to vote for parties that support ethnic cleansing. Their main internal disagreement is about the pace and visibility of ethnic cleansing operations. What passes for 'left' in Israel would prefer slow, quiet, and under the West's radar. The 'right' think they have enough control in Washington DC to quash any significant consequences and so far it looks like they are correct.

Taken as a whole, the Israeli people don't want peace and have never wanted peace _more_ than they have wanted to steal the land and water of Palestinians.


The lady has just proclaimed collective punishment national policy, or rather made it official.

Collective punishment has a long tradition in Israel ever since they took up the British methods for pacifying Arabs, but that doesn't make it any less illegal under international law today.

"Article 33 Geneva IV

No persons may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.

Pillage is prohibited.

Reprisals against persons and their property are prohibited."

So, someone should tell the lady about Geneva III and IV. But then, she'd probably reply that there isn't anything about little snakes in the text, it just mentions persons, which means the conventions don't apply to Palestinans.

If that sounded silly - it is - the same type of legal reasoning was used by the Bushies to assert that enemy combatants something new that aren't covered under the conventions. That argument was BS then as it is BS now.

On the other hand, the view she expressed perfectly captures her tribal outlook. If it is their tribe against her tribe, punishing the enemy tribe makes sense. Only that international law is about individual responsibility and culpability, precisely to prevent the excesses of collective punishment experienced in WW-II.

And yet, to the Israeli tribalists, Geneva III and IV are just obstacles. Iirc one IDF attorney once quipped that international law is being advanced by its breach. I find it hard to put it in a more cynical way.

Babak Makkinejad


Just goes to demonstrate that you have to have looks to be successful in politics - men or women.

Ahmadinejad and Gold Meir were exceptions that proves the rule.


"Taken as a whole, the Israeli people don't want peace and have never wanted peace _more_ than they have wanted to steal the land and water of Palestinians."

Well, I'd put it this way: They certainly never wanted an **equitable** peace more than they have wanted to steal the land and water of Palestinians. They DO want peace, of the sort that comes after you have imposed your will unconditionally on the defeated and subjugated enemy. Short of that, they settle for what they see as the next best thing, which is gradual expansion, graduial expousion, and making the life for Palestinans as miserable as possible and greet chaos around them as a tactical advantage in Israel's favour.

Given the current situation where the Paelstinians are being kept alive by international support (Israeli polemics against UNRWA are notably by their toxicity) despite Israel's best efforts to strangle them economically, there are limits to what they can do (yet). They cannot (yet) go all the way and push the Palestinians into Egypt or Jordan.

If it goes on like that, I assume they will stop caring for the fallout (never mind the unforseen consequences) in a decade or two. I have a feeling that the rabid sentiment in Israel is getting worse over time and that statements by that lady indicate a trend in society. She isn't going to pay any price for having said that, rather she'll generate support.

Because apparently all the Israelis ever wanted is to be left alone already by these bothersome Palestinian natives! As true Mensch's, they pity themselves for having to do all these atrocious things to them all the time, and yet they don't learn and just ... go away already!

That is why IDF soldiers - as members of the most moral army in the world - are unique globally in that they aim with the right eye while they cry with the left. My secret sources in the IDF have intimated to me that training that was what Ayelet Shaked had specialised in as a an infantry instructor.

And just look at it from an Israeli right winger's pov: Has it ever been better (discounting when Israel still held the Sinai, of course)? Terrorism is as a result of the walls down to a minimum, expansion at an all time high. And the Palestinians and the US can do shit about it. It works!

And they believe that will go on like that forver. If something bad and unforseen emerges (so unforseen usually, that everybody else told them for years it would happen) - oy wey! - they they'll improvise and demand full and unconditional US and European support in face of that new existential threat.


"The people who were slaughtered in the Nazi death camps have come full circle"

The lesson they have drawn from WW-II is that they were weak and that it is better not to be a victim but a cuplrit.

It is not as if the deeds done in particular by the Nazis and Japanese in that war were fundamentally evil (and plenty evil there was). The evil was in that the deeds were directed against Jews (and Gays and Gypsies and Commies and ... never mind the 13 million Russian civilians, or the victims of the Japanese).

What the Israelis have done after the brutal persecution of Jews at the hands of the Nazis in WW-II was to empower themselves by projecting the resulting aggression outwards and become victimisers themsleves - all while claiming perpetual and exclusive victim status - after all the victim is always morally right, neither responsible nor accountable, and forever entitled to sympathy (for what they are, victims, and never mind what they do).


The Israelis milk that cow to the fullest while they hold the Palestinians upside down and shake them.

To Jabotinsky's credit, at least he maintained no illusions about what he was doing - colonising an inhabitated country against the will of the natives. Alas, he wrote his Iron Wall essay before he could benefit from the ex-post-facto re-justification by Holocaust.

A Pols

Well, at least this evolution in the public face of the Israeli State may help the scales fall from people's eyes in the rest of the world. In the end, perhaps this is a salutary development. Maybe even AIPAC will ultimately fail to keep lipstick on the pig and Israel will lose its sponsorship, without which it cannot survive as a political entity. Maybe a consummation devoutly to be wished?


Wow, she is smoking hot! Who cares what she says.


actually Fascism: The good of the State is much more important than the good of the Individual. And: States have no morals, since they are constantly in a kill-or-be-killed fight for survival; morals are luxuries afforded only by individuals. Conclusion: Do What Thou Wilt is the only law for fascist states.

Israel, and the Scientologists, both based their founding tactics on the fascist militarism of the times. Kidnapping etc: OK for theocracies.

This is not Banal Evil, this is the interesting on-purpose flavor.

The bad part is Evil is Cool (cf. skinheads' WulfsAngel) and appears successful; therefore it gets emulated. The biggest threat to America from Israel is not its neutron bombs, but its fascist attitudes/approaches to doing things; which, like rioting, is infectious.

alba etie

May Mr Pollard rot away in jail , full stop.


There is no further reason for US to participate in the destruction of the Palestinians. By subscribing to eternal victimhood and disclaiming all accountability and humane actions with respect to the Palestinians, Israel has forfeited any positive standing it may have gained during the Holocaust

If the people of the U.S. knew what was going on in the occupied territories, they, like the German residents of Dachau who were forced to visit the camps after liberation, would be horrified. One wonders what would have happened in Germany if those people visited in 1932 or 1944 instead of 1945.

Since we are footing a large part of the munitions bills, here in the United States we are as responsible for the Gaza destruction and the oppression of the Palestinians as are the citizens of Israel. Everything being done is with our express approval.



She'll murder you while you sleep.

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