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27 May 2015


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Keith Harbaugh

The obvious, to me at least, answer is that the neocons are supported by powerful American Jews, who desire to strike down any militarily potent force in the Middle East that has not accepted Israel's current policies.
And if they can further internal conflict among Muslims,
so Muslims are fighting other Muslims rather than Israel,
so much the better.
Could there be some truth to that supposition?
I think that view of the underlying chains of causality is far closer to reality than Star Trek comparisons.

Another example of media group-think: Views on homosexuality and gender insanity (which the media euphemizes as "transgenderism").
Last time I saw such group-think on homosexuality was when I was a graduate student at Brandeis University, where "gender bending" was considered high fashion.
Indeed, the group-think of the current "elite" is practically identical to the value system at Brandeis.
The congruence of those value systems makes plausible that they have a common cause.

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