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20 May 2015


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My memory may play tricks on me but were the founding fathers, however feuding they were while they were founding, also civil liberties extremists? No unreasonable searches and seizures and all that?

Sniffing out all your telecommunications without even suspicion spits in the face of that. Christie is an idiot.

Babak Makkinejad

I am not suggesting anything.

I read of this family in a Persian language news paper and the father stated what I related here.

He said that.

William R. Cumming

Unfortunately the "new" FEMA no longer assists the Natural Hazards Center in any way including funding. Now headed for most of a decade by Dr. Kathleen Tierney, PhD, you might find her articles and book on DISASTER AS WAR of some interest.

He edited book on PREPARING FOR THE UNEXPECTED might also be of interest.

I have long predicted that a NUDET in any US city might well result in the de facto fall of the US Government. Hoping I am wrong!

You might find my contributions to the Free Friday Forum of the HLSWatch.com blog of some interest.

William R. Cumming

Thanks Adam for this explanation! Very helpful.

William R. Cumming

IMO to the extent possible, both meta-data collection and surveillance started by the US government in the 1950's!

William R. Cumming

YUP! But Flight 93 was headed to the Capitol IMO!

William R. Cumming

How about movie SNEAKERS? NOVA most recent show on encryption and Quantum Physics.

Adam L Silverman

William R. Cumming,

You are, as far as I know, correct on this. And while that would explain the original rush to passage of a bill largely created out of failed legislation from 1995-1996 in the wake of the Murrah Federal Building bombing, the first WTC bombing, and the incidents, for lack of a better term, at Ruby Ridge and Waco, it really doesn't make sense 14 years later. Perhaps its just me and I'm not wired for existential terror and dread, but fourteen years on I have a higher expectation of our elected officials in developing appropriate legislation to provide adequate security with as minimal infringements as possible on our civil rights and liberties. I'm also expecting a pony, cupcakes, a piñata filled with my favorite chocolate sweeties, and a puppy - followed by treatment for an insulin overdose.

The Twisted Genius

The Senate just voted to block both the USA Freedom Act and a two month extension of Section 215 of the Patriot Act. McConnell tried to call a vote to extend it to 8 Jun. Paul objected McConnell countered with 6 Jun. Paul objected again and asked for a simple majority vote on 2 amendments. McConnell came back with a 3 Jun extension. Martin Heinrich from New Mexico objected to that. There's a lot of haggling about on the Senate floor right now. I'm surprised I'm this enraptured by something on Cspan. I think I'll watch a while longer.

The Twisted Genius


You've hit on the other front in the war on the surveillance state. Robust end to end encryption has to become ubiquitous. It certainly is not now. PGP implementations in email clients are too complicated for most people. There are solutions out there. The open source community is working to develop implementations that are easy to use for the masses or, even better, work in the background. If the commercial industry does the same, we could have something here.

I like TOR. I used it professionally for years. It gets better and better all the time through the work of open source developers. It still takes knowledge and care to use it effectively. The NSA and the rest of the IC are working feverishly to defeat it. I don't wish them success. If my old colleagues want to go after whatever flavor of bad guys are currently in vogue in cyberspace, they need to jack in, speak the local language, know the technology and conduct clandestine HUMINT using every old trick in the book. And uphold the Constitution.


TTG, Colonel,

The dragnet surveillance that is the Patriot
Act, is all about social control, it is not about the safety and general welfare of the public. It is when those who control fear those they can't control, and fear those they can control even more having nightmares that they will give them the big finger and go about their own ways of life and liberty, and their hunger to control will become the obsolete man (old Twilight Zone episode).

On a different note, it appears that a 'compensation' has been given to Israel's Netanyoohoo over the Iran deal. Why do we 'compensate' Netanyoohoo and his bunch of ingrates? Makes no horse sense.


The Twisted Genius

The Senate has adjourned for the week. McConnell was left crying like a rat eating onions calling for reconvening on Sunday, 31May, for a last ditch effort to save Section 215. Harry Reid said his colleagues from the West can't get there before 5 in the afternoon.

After all this, Mikulski from Maryland stood and gave an impassioned defense of the much put upon NSA and warned that our enemies overseas are now laughing at us for dropping our defenses. I guess she doesn't realize the NSA will continue to use its skills and talents against our enemies overseas. Section 215 has noting to do with overseas collection.

Stat tuned next week for another exciting episode of "Let's kick big brother right in his little brother."

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