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26 May 2015


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Richard, not only thanks but "Please sir, can I have some more?"

You have lifted a veil and the results are both more wonderful and awful than we could have imagined. How shameless we are in craving more of your writing!

C Webb

Agreed. I have enjoyed all of Mr Sales posts.

IMHO; Fascinating insights into the human condition, and a unique view into 1 part of the American experience.

Nakib Ahmed

Dear Mr. Sale,

Thank you for sharing your early memories. Your eloquent writing style leaves lasting images. Please continue sharing your impressions with us.

Take care, Nakib

Richard Sale

I will do one more segment, if you can stand it.

First of all, Pat deserves patience for publishing it.

next, I had no wish to be part of Hollywood at all. So its horrors took me by surprise.

thank you for your praise. It means much.


Richard Sale

Thank you for your praise.

The horror of Hollywood it smut and sleaziness took me by surprise.

Pat should be praised for publishing it. He is a wonderful editor.

and thank you for noticing. I will do one more on my father.

and thanks for your praise. It means much.


Richard Sale

Thank you. YOu take care as well.



Richard, I don't want to bore you really, or shoot serial questions that remain on my head concerning LA after I happened to stay there for a while. I did love Santa Monica though, it felt different.

But then, the guy I stood with there worked for the larger movie trade, he adopted to my desire to see less conventional matters, after he realized I wasn't interested in any free trips into the larger Hollywood machinery. That's how I met the inheritor of the inventor of the trading stamp in Topanga Canyon.

But with something else aside from the official Hollywood tourist path he offered me, he failed too to raise interest. He wanted to show me Beverly Hills and the mansions of stars, telling that their worth, no matter if only two years old was way less then the ground these mansions were built on. His ultimate aim in life was to once be able to leave Santa Monica to live there. ;)

Richard Sale

Thank you so much.


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