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30 May 2015


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Indeed, Colonel, why not!
And a great point on Bernie Sanders being a 'socialist'- not sure what that means now.

And the emerging Hastert story is stunning- remember, he was picked to be Speaker because he was "whistle-clean"- after the Gingrich and Livingston fiascos. As Dave Barry used to write, "You can't make this stuff up.'


Sanders would be my choice rather than receiving my vote as the "lesser of two evils." That would be a happy change.


If he makes the ballot here in my state, he has my vote! I am tired of the same old same sell-outs. Anyway, HC and her neo-con buddies have already nearly destroyed us. We do not need any more of them. She does not need to cut her pay to government pay scale.


Sanders represents a real choice. I am pretty sure my countrymen by and large will not know what to do with or what to make of this strange political object. He will get "defined" by the cretins in power and their minions. The sheeple will continue to march off the cliff full of conviction and certitude not organic to their own intellect and interests.

Gonna vote for him however.


I think the mainstream media will be surprised when the real poll numbers start to come out. He may not become POTUS, but his political views will influence the debate. I am glad to see him in the race.

William R. Cumming

YUP! Bernie his own man and does not look in his mirror on the hour to see if he looks Presidential. He is running as a DEM not as a Socialist or Independent.

A. Pols

I'm with you, but the "deep State" wouldn't ever allow that...
And I do know that you know that too.

C Webb

Who was the last independent president?

Brad Ruble

I don't think his long range plans include $200 million when he gets out of office.


I'll stick with Lindsey Graham-Tom Cotton for now.


Bernie Sanders lost me when he made a deal with Dodd to weaken Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill. What is about the Fed Reserve that it can function without any oversight? How can Sanders spew his socialist rhetoric about the evils of big banks and yet vote to allow the mother of banks to function like a sovereign nation.

Stanley Fischer recently gave a speech declaring the Fed must consider the global economy before making monetary decisions. Inflation, employment, and now global banker will be the new mandates. When did the American people consent to this? What the hell are the Feds doings? We won't know because of shmucks like Bernie Sanders.


If I could vote in your elections, he'd have my vote.

Because Sanders is right on wanting to do all the things you list. I also don't give a damn whether he is socialist, thespian or vegetarian. The use of labels in America has become so inane as to make Kermit and Piggy seem intellectually sophisticated.

SAC Brat

I'd like to see Bernie Sanders tweak the NRA's nose by recommending the rest of the US adopt Vermont's gun control stance. How could the NRA oppose him if he did that?


Personally, I'd prefer Jim Webb to run on a "I'm a veteran, what have you Gwendolyns done for your country" platform. After all the war fighter worship it would be hilarious to watch his opponents ties themselves in knots.

It will be interesting to see how the entrenched interests torpedo Sanders' campaign. Howard Dean was on a tear until his out of context scream was paraded around.

FB Ali

Col Lang,

I recall that, 7 years ago (was it really that long ago?), when I expressed my enthusiasm in these columns for a certain "breath of fresh air" Obama, you pointed out (quite gently) that I was fantasizing.

Much chastened over the succeeding years, I have become quite cautious in discerning hopeful signs behind the hype that invariably surrounds political figures in the US. However, I agree with you that Bernie Sanders is the real stuff - you get what you see.

If I had a vote, it would go to him. Even though his chances are close to nil. The system is too firmly fixed to elect the same type of politico.


Given the chance I'd vote for Sanders in a millisecond.


Hillary was too tired to finish more than 4 yrs as SecState. POTUS is a lot harder job. What makes anyone think she could do a better job as president?

She also rolled over for Israel, which is against the interests of the United States of America.

An analyst said, "Democrats select dark horses, not warhorses. Hillary is a warhorse. We don't expect her to get the nomination." I hope he's right.

Margaret Steinfels

He'll get my vote in the NY primary. And if he makes it in November 2016.

Laura Wilson

Col Lang -- Right on! Unfortunately, being a Californian my vote doesn't always mean much in the big scheme of things but I know who I'm going to donate some $ to and I'll vote for Bernie if he gets onto my ballot. Heck, I'm not even an angry old man.


What good does auditing the Fed do?

If banks are properly regulated, the Fed is limited to controlling interest rates and maintaining liquidity in the banking system, i.e.making sure checks in the overnight banking system don't bounce. The Fed can't make people borrow money, which would be like pushing on a string.

Allowing banks to gamble with unlimited reserves is what causes problems, and proper regulation would limit those problems.

And I will remind you that it was Congress that made the decision to bail out the banks, not the Fed.

Laura Wilson

Stueeeeee…you mean he lost you when he did what he is supposed to do? Govern as a Senator? No Senator should have a "clean record" or 100% right or left---if they do, they aren't doing their job which is to legislate for their state's COMMON good. It's so easy to be pure when you have no real decisions to make. Bernie Sanders is impressive because he is able to keep his vision even when compromising on the "possible."

We all run the risk of letting the perfect become the enemy of the good.


I would do it in a New York Picosecond.


Not only from NYC - from Brooklyn


I'll vote Bernie Sanders in a nano-second and if that's not an option I would click my ticket for Jim Webb in two nano-seconds. Though different politically both gentlemen reek of honesty and integrity--which means that neither has much of a chance given the defiled nature of our political system and its discourse. The "sheeple" (both a quaint metaphor and a devastatingly accurate one) will be herded this way and that according to the wishes of the corporate oligarchs, seconded by a bloviating MSM better at reading the desires of higher ups via a wink and a nod than they are anything else.

William R. Cumming

After losing the nomination in 1912 Teddy Roosevelt ran as the BULL MOOSE candidate. Of course Woodrow Wilson defeated the divided Republicans.

William R. Cumming

The Federal Reserve has bailed out the world's central banks many times including the Central Bank of Israel where Fischer formerly served.

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