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15 April 2015


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Obliquely related thought:

Is it just me or have the Obamaites changed the "leadership from behind" approach in the Middle East of late and had local states run against a wall to have them see how far they get without US help - and then offer help in order to drive home to them their dependency.

I mean that is what they appear to have been telling the Iraqis and Iranians in Iraq (That siege of Tikrit didn't work out so well until we intervened, did you notice? Need a hand?), the Saudis (It appears that offensive of yours in Yemen didn't work so well? Need help?) and the Israelis (Oh, you dislike the Iran deal? Too bad. Now, how was that about you handling Iran on your own?) lately.

Obama's approach appears to be more effective in shaping the behaviour of the various actors than the neocon idea of the US using power directly.

To the neocons, having power, and not using it is, for all practivcal purposes, not having power. That's why they are so compulsively assertive.

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