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15 April 2015


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I hear tell at least 8 of the tall ships will coming in harbor in Portland Maine, in July!


They gotta sail right by my house....sit with some refreshments, and watch the parade go by!


Many Royal Navy officers at that time much preferred the sailing qualities and seaworthiness of French built ships. Corruption in some English shipyards led to shoddy construction.

William R. Cumming

IMO the AGE OF SAIL will return but perhaps not for a very long time.


Went to college at UMPG (yes, we called it UM Pig) and spent a lot of happy time at the park at Portland Head. They should look splendid as they come through.

The Twisted Genius

jonst and Babelfish,

I know the area well. I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time from Biddeford to Brunswick due to my job. I would spend time sitting on the rocks at Cape Elizabeth and watching the surf no matter what the season. The best time was when the rugosa roses were in bloom. Between their spicy fragrance and the sea spray, it was heavenly.

That area would be a grand place to watch tall ships.


I hope you enjoy yourself TTG, there is nothing quite like sail. I spent an afternoon sans camera at Mystic one year when I had finished my business with P&W at Hartford. I still remember driving through all there "bury's" in a Thunderbird and then happening on Mystic on my way back to Boston.


That is a nice looking ship. I wonder if they will sail up the St. Lawrence to Quebec?

The Beaver

Thanks for this.
We will be on our yearly visit to Maine during that time.

The Beaver

@ Fred

Unfortunately no sailing to Québec

"Once she reaches Virginia after a stop at Las Palmas in the Canary Islands the Hermione will head up the coast, calling at Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Greenport, Newport, Boston, Castine and then Lunenberg/Halifax, Nova Sciotia before heading back to France."

Bill H

HMS Surprise is permanently docked in San Diego, anong with the Star of India. I tour both of them frequently and never tire of them. A full sixed replica of San Salvador, flagship of explorer Juan Cabrillo, will soon join them.

I was having lunch on the dock one day when a family was preparing to tour Surprise. The teenaged kids were more interested in the tee shirts for sale than they were in the ships. Mom and the kids were amusedly tolerant of Dad, who was starry eyed at the prospect of treading the decks of Surprise. While he was getting the tickets his wife said to me that "He's read all of the books. We live in Portland, and took our vacation in San Digeo so that he could see this ship."

I've read all the books too. Several times, in fact.

William RAISER

You are right. This is a beautiful ship. We visited it some months ago and walked its decks. I hope you get to fully enjoy its visit to the US.

Couple minor points: no copper on the hull. The ropes are tarred hemp. The US needs to make legal this wonderful plant that has so many uses and, while related, it does not have the same narcotic characteristics as marijuana.

Thanks for the posting. Enjoy!


I live in the Cape TTG, and my office is there. And I daily walk the path along the rocks you write about. And I still love to pause at a certain point, and look out to Cushing's Island. One of the great Islands in Casco Bay.


Have a great trip this summer! It will a jumping place. I suspect a ton of tourists on are their way!

Abu Sinan


It will be coming to Old Town? If so, when? I'd love to take the boys out to see it.

William R. Cumming

HEMP production outlawed in 1937 in USA?


My Uncle was the harbor master at Camp Ellis, for a time. He and two of my cousins ran lobster boats and he and my Aunt had a little take out stand on the river side of the jetty.


If anyone is interested in how to sail one of those ships, I highly recommend "Seamanship in the Age of Sail."

The Beaver

@ Abu Sinan

You can track its itinerary and the planned docking days/locations here ( assuming all go according to plan):

Patrick Bahzad

Only anachronism with this ship: the flag is wrong ! But I guess nobody would recognize the War flag of the Royal French Navy of 1780 if it had been used on the current Hermione :-)

The Twisted Genius

You're a lucky man, jonst.

The Twisted Genius

Abu Sinan,

My guess is that she will dock in Old Town at the Robinson terminal dock at the end of Orinoco Street or anchor just offshore like the Godspeed did several years ago. She's scheduled for Mount Vernon on 9 June and 10-12 June in Alexandria.

William R. Cumming

Thanks for that reference as have been relying on historical naval novels.


There is an extensive article about this ship in the latest issue of WoodenBoat.


Thanks for that link. I may have to visit her in France.


Tidewater turns poetic:


June, 1777, Winyah Bay

King of France
He want to know
Where oh where
My Captains go?
Ho yoi'!

King of France
He say to we,
Gim'me back
My Chivalree!
Ho yoi'!

King of France
Mus' tell you, Lord,
Dey out on de watuh
In a trus'in-me-Gawd!
Ho yoi'!

King of France ax werry soon,
What ribbuh dis, bo-ut pa-troon?
Now 'zactly where my eagles flew?
Bex tek'um we! Fo'oonuh shoon?!!!
Ho yoi'!

King of France, last time I saw,
Dey was goin' up 'de Waccamaw!
Ho yoi'!

King of France yeddy--at first day clean!--
King's own Bugler hicing de chune!
Oonuh mus' go an wawn de Queen!
Comin' de t'undah soon!
Ho yoi'!

King of France tinkin', well jes nemmermine!
Uh wery glad fuh shum,
Off finin' de struggle dey gwine!
Straigh'n fuh de struggle dey do!
Ho yoi'!

King of France call fo' his 'libbuhman,
Tell 'um what oonuh mus'do,
Bettuh send 'em some new brand shoesh!
Cause dey ma'achin' wit de Buffle Blues!
Ho yoi'!

Straigh'n fo' de struggle!
Straigh'n fo' de struggle!
Straight for the struggle they do!
Ho yoi'!

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