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16 April 2015


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Yeah, that was me. I haven't updated it in forever though. When I get back into the rhythm of blogging I'll start linking to it again.

Charles I

irony alert


You don't like abortion, I get it.

If what I read was right, Live Action are pulling this stunt every odd year or so. This is about some zealots sandbagging an organisation with falsehoods. It is still fraud.

The whole story - starting with the dubious framing (best summed up in the FOX headline) - set off by BS detector like crazy from the start. It appears that I was entirely justified in my scepticism.

I wonder, did you really believe the story or didn't you care whether it is true or not anyway because it was what you wanted to hear?

Paul Escobar

ConfusedPonderer & Different Clue,

I don't think you gentlemen have actually watched the video. These are not vague sentences open to interpretation. Each counselor is clearly told these under-age girls are being prostituted. And each counselor clearly provides advice on how to outright lie & workaround legal & cultural road-blocks.

And in the example ConfusedPonderer cited above, how does one think the "un-edited" footage contradicted the original point? They clearly made no attempt to dissuade their customer, merely breezing through "required" formalities. In the end, PP were willing to facilitate sex-selection with gender tests & provide abortions on that basis.

For the sake of your curiosity, I will write to the organization & ask them to share the un-condensed interactions.

Paul Escobar

Paul Escobar

ConfusedPonderer & DifferentClue,

I apologize to our host for posting twice within such a short amount of time.

But, as requested by you gentlemen, here is the "un-edited" footage of the matter we are discussing:

The top of the page contains links to summaries & profiles on each of the interactions. The bottom of the page contains links to "Full, Uncut Footage".

At least one "counselor" was fired by PP and they are "shocked!". Of course, as in our political system...a player leaves, but the authorities allow the sick game to continue.

Paul Escobar


how long did it take for O'Keefe's ACORN video to be recognised as the scam that it was? Three, four weeks or so? By that time it had already served its purpose.

Paul Escobar


Let us end the discussion here.

You were just provided the full & unedited interactions, as requested. You can choose to engage in its content at your leisure, or you can continue practicing evasion & deflection.

I think better of you,
Paul Escobar



I don't know anything about Planned Parenthood, or about how heavily the videos were edited, but there is a good reason for why institutions like it may have confidentiality and no-reporting policies. If the pimp with the 14-year old girl was real, and he knew that going to PP would get him reported and arrested, what do you think would happen? Think coat hangers or a 14-year-old girl being thrown down the stairs. This is irrelevant to those who believe that all abortions are wrong anyway, but to those who don't, and who realise that the abortion will take place, one way or another, it is certainly preferable to ensure that the girl has it in a clinic rather than on a bathroom floor. PP's mandate is not to stop child prostitution, but to ensure safe abortions for those who need them. And if workers at institutions like PP end up seeming a little blasé, that is to be expected when they spend their days facing similar situations and administering what they view as the lesser evil in a problem whose solution is beyond their control.


I say you're awfully quick to rush to judgement. Because you want to believe IMO. You may be right, I rather don't think so.

In Live Action you have a scammer with a record of scamming - but this time he is telling the truth, because he says so, and the tapes are unedited, because he says so. And you take him at his word because his cause is just. Seriously?!

By the way, how's your Nigerian inheritance doing?



A fallacy is only a fallacy if the fact in question is incorrect. The fact in question here is no incorrect. Therefore continue to shout bias as much as you want, it changes nothing.

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