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05 April 2015


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William R. Cumming

There was a Canadian TV series called INTEELIGENCE! Subject included water policy in Canada and Canadian IC and organized crime and CIA!

William R. Cumming

Great comment IMO. Also acidification not salinity biggest ocean problem IMO!

William R. Cumming

Thanks for this terrific comment.

I have a view of the Chesapeake Bay from my house and already see many VLCC headed inbound to Baltimore. After Panama Canal widening they will be three times as large.

William R. Cumming

Slave or free right?

William R. Cumming

Thanks for reposting P.L.

One point to the analytic basis of water issues in USA is that there are two separate systems of WATER LAW. An EASTERN and a WESTERN. If memory serves Mississippi River the divide. SCOTUS has reviewed and decided Potomac River Basis disputes a number of time. SCOTUS has also reviewed and decided COLORADO RIVER BASIS issues several times.

What some may find hard to believe is that in reality except for the concept of Waters of the US reflected in Clean Water Act legal decisions actually the Water Pollution and Control Act of 1972] there is NO FEDERAL WATER LAW!



Immigration of all kinds, to the tune of millions of people, were a big factor. Little mention of agriculture either.

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

We've already done that in regards to Texas, California, and Hawai'i, so it obviously works.




Sadly South Florida is following suit. Can't let the ag industry (and property developers) down.


Fred and Tyler

My Dad although an unpleasant man was very smart and loved California. I remember long conversations with him around 1950 in which he predicted that the semi-desert that is much of California would ever be able to sustain the level of human immigration there that was shaping up. pl

Norbert M Salamon

Hi Walrus: Wish to tell you that here in Olds [Alberta- 100 km NW of Calgary] we pay $6.00+ for water/sewer by cubic meter that is $0.17 per cubic foot or 2 cents a US gallon - price is the same if USD=Can$ or any other Forex nonsense



We still call it xeriscaping. My ranch has a nice selection of desert grasses that use the smallest bit of rain as an excuse to go nuts.

The water issues in California come from agriculture and industrial, but Governor Moonbeam spending money on high speed rail vs water infrastructure isn't helping things, nor will throwing open the doors to the world and saying move in here.


As another native Californian, seconded. The developers have been allowed virtually free rein for too long (and so has big agriculture).


No, how could population growth ( perhaps uncontrollable growth) contribute to depletion of resources? Couldn't be BOTH contribute? No, has to be the white people's fault alone. Oh god R u so predictable


Florida. It is still part of America, and still respects entrepreneurs.


You can narrow the list faster by listing places Californians would consider. Florida (with DisneyWorld in Orlando) is pretty much the only choice. Puerto Rico is too backwards. Seattle and other coastal cities are multicultural and not swamped by rednecks, but Seattle and Oregon are too foggy. Boston has sane people but it is actually snowbound for months, no thank you; Pittsburgh is too freakin' cold in the winter, as is Chicago. Vegas is not bad, but it's running out of water, too; and everybody smokes. Colorado is OK. Wyoming is good for taxes but has no civilization. North Carolina has a decent research triangle. Arizona is not bad. DC is not too bad. Texas has a couple of real cities, not bad. New York is real but crowded. That leaves you most of the Deep South, the Breadbasket, the Dakotas, Idaho/Montana, and anywhere (except Seattle) within 500 miles of Canada. HTH.


would put bets on nanotechnology and desalinization. After that, it just takes energy; lots of sun in California; we are still a few years out from effective cheap flexible / printable solar cells, but once they become ubiquitous, and create more energy over their lifetime than they take to manufacture, look out world.



Your father was right about that. It has, as a number of commenters here pointed out, started along that path in Florida also. Protecting the watershed was one of the reasons the federal government bought up the Big Cypress Natural Preserve. Similar fights over water rights have been waged between counties in North Florida and those in South Florida for at least a decade. If I remember correctly on of the last big efforts by Enron before its demise was a move into water resources.



I think the other big factor is what to do with the salt (and other minerals) removed from the water that is going to be consumed.

alba etie

Yes sir there have been many Muslims in America - some black even from North Africa . There was a 'Moor ' that was part of LaSalle Expedition in Texas in the 1600 .I believe what Byron Raum was referring to up thread was many on the Extreme Right in our comity think our President Obama is a Black Muslim - they have always viewed him as the Other. And of course I remember Muhammad Ali ,'sting like a butterfly float like a bee. "


The NAWAPA is a reality and the Governments of Canada and the USA are quietly implementing the plan.

The recent approval and commencement of construction of the Site C Dam on the Peace River in north Eastern British Columbia is a necessary part of the NAWAPA.

At the Water WarCrimes web site we reveal the background of 20 years of Canadian dithering and corruption that have delayed the program.


American corruption realted to bulk water is outside the scope ofthe web site.

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