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01 April 2015


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Col: Great development. Long overdue. God willing, in 10 years Zionist-bought politicians will sound as extreme and fumbling as Governor Pence.


Hostage, the main person suggesting the legal way for Palestinians--not to be confused with US Jewish attempts at Lawfare on US ground--in fact from the other side of the political spectrum, may be international law. tThe tireless and solidly educated teacher is back in the Mondoweiss comment section.

This is an interesting debate. Notice that apparently traditional figures in Jewish history like Hillel


or more precisely their name now has to be treated as some type of political trademark:
"B’nai Brith on the other hand owns the trademark for foundation for campus jewish life (college clubs) under the name Hillel. And that has not been diluted it has just been enforced. It is very simple. - See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/03/swarthmore-resigns-restrictions#comment-758420"

Mondoweiss hawk JeffB versus Hostage:


Is this not going to backfire?

Palestinians are also guilty of war crimes, and contrarily to Israel, they don't have a 800lb gorilla to protect them from afar.


Some additional details in this older post:


Charles 1

Nothing protects them now. The hypocrisy of condemning the "Terrorists" for desiring to attorn to International law is a handy thing to rebut a naked Emperor's threadbare arguments.

The Palestinians have lost land, leaders and population to war, assassination, corruption, mass kidnappings and detentions, all imposed on them to no end. How could this little bit of agency be any riskier?


Toto: No. It will not backfire. The PLO doesn't fire rockets into Israel, so the ICC will just indict Abbas's competitors (Hamas and Islamic Jihad).

Moreover, what is the punishment for firing a rocket into a field? And how do you compare that with dropping 1-ton bombs on apartment complexes, killing fisherman, and using food as a weapon against an entire population?


Off topic, but don't forget to disconnect your computers. Tonight is the annual clearing of the internet.



Right now, their "terrorist" actions already are subject to all sorts of punishments, meted out by the Israelis, both the government and by armed civilians, in many cases, quite literally in vigilante style. Having these procedures subject to a regularized, "legal" process should be heck of an improvement where the Israelis act as only judge, jury, and executioner to suit their convenience and interests which are hardly compatible with almost any notion of "real" justice.


And a hearty April Fools to you as well!



Dis you see this? "Deciphering the Mideast Chaos." By Robert Parry. https://consortiumnews.com/2015/03/30/deciphering-the-mideast-chaos/

If so, wonder what you thought.


"The US has announced that it will oppose any war crimes actions against Israel at the ICC. The US is not a signatory to the Rome Statute so such action will have to take the form of indirect pressure on states that have staff and judges on the ICC."

Now how is that for good style? It mirrors the approach the US under the Bushmen made against those states that ratified the Rome Statute. In case of Europe, US aggressivness pushing the bilateral immunity agreements down the throat of everybody, backfired. No or barely any BIA were signed betwen EU member states and the US, because BIA were found to be irreconcilable with the obligations under the Rome Statute by the EU.

That the US will now do it for Israel also ... figues. Third world countries will not be able to defend themselves, since the US will make aid and military aid conditional on signing BIA. The Izzies will try the same, and probably for good measure, threatening activating the US in addition to their own means.

The gentle art of making enemies ...

An earlier post on the US and the ICC goes into some detail on the BIA:


"The problems involved in travel would be severe because the indicted parties might be arrested and held for trial in any state where the Rome Statute is in effect. In Israel's case it might be necessary to fly non-stop from Tel Aviv to the US"

Absolutely. That is a problem the Izzies will share with the Bush officials responsible for the US torture program.

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