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19 April 2015


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FB Ali

Perhaps the 'crazies' are hoping that, if nothing more, the US might at least start by imposing a no-fly zone over parts of Syria. This would inevitably suck them into another ME quagmire, which is what the Ziocons and other nutcases want.


Concur that the idea that the Europeans, much less the US, would fund, equip and man such a force is totally ridiculous. The authors of this piece are utterly bereft of reason and fact. The passage below from the synopsis demonstrates their lack of reality - they actually think that the Euros are ' expectedly waiting" for such an effort to begin. The Atlantic Council has really sunk in stature. On what planet have they been living?

"When asked about who would fund the establishment of the SNSF, Hof noted that many US partners in the Gulf and the West would share the financial burden. Kodmani continued by stressing that several European countries—concerned by the return of their citizens who have been fighting with extremists groups in Syria as well as the flow of refugees coming to Europe because of the conflict inside Syria—would not only be willing to take part in such an initiative but are in fact expectedly waiting for such an initiative to begin."


If this is an example of Frederic Hof's advice it is good he's a "former" HSC advisor. If she follows advice like this then there's one more reason not to vote for her.

different clue

One hopes that the Irangov and Russiagov are following all these suggestions intently. If Russia were to transfer its very best and newest air defense systems to Syria, perhaps along with the Russians to man them while training the SAR forces to do the same, and makes it very publicly known that they have done this (AFter they have done it); that the No Fly Zone will be seen as being too risky to attempt.

I wonder where Erdogan lurks and slinks in all this.


Col. Lang, your observations are too true.


On the fantastic flexibility of Zionists re Holocaust:
"The muscle behind the U.S.-backed Maidan protests against Yanukovych came from neo-Nazi militias trained in western Ukraine, organized into 100-man brigades and bused to Kiev. After the coup, neo-Nazi leader Andriy Parubiy, who was commander of the Maidan “self-defense forces,” was elevated to national security chief and soon announced that the Maidan militia forces would be incorporated into the National Guard and sent to eastern Ukraine to fight ethnic Russians resisting the coup.
As the U.S. government and media cheered on this “anti-terrorist operation,” the neo-Nazis and other right-wing battalions engaged in brutal street fighting against Russian ethnic rebels. ... For the first time since World War II, a government had dispatched Nazi storm troopers to attack a European population – and officials in Kiev knew what they were doing." https://consortiumnews.com/2015/04/17/how-ukraine-commemorates-the-holocaust/
Here is a question: To what extent the US military brass is willing to become associated with Ukrainian "freedom fighters" that are commonly known as neo-Nazis? And another delicate question: Are there are too few WWII veterans are still alive in the US, which makes it safe for the neocons to ignore the veterans' feelings about the US support for the neo-Nazis?

Jack Nix

Thank you Col. Lang. I was wondering if you viewed Judith Miller interview by Bill Maher.

Attached is a link:



And the silly report coincides with coverage in tabloids like 'Foreign Policy'.

Just two exemplary itemds:

The big item one is eyewitness account on how Assad is (still, of course) Chlorine-barrel-bombing his innocent civilians. The article is clearly aimed at triggering an emotional response.

#2 and 3:
Then there are two items on how Iran is overstretched in Syria and whether they have an exit strategy.

I'll levae it a that.

My problem here is this: What could possibly be untrue about what that eyewitness account? Just like the Iraqis of 2002, the Syrian opposition would only report the fact and nothing but the facts. The point is that nothing of that can be verified on the scene.

I have never bought into the Chlorine-barrel-bombing idea, largely because it was Al Quaeda in Iraq types who pioneered Chlorine spiked bombs in Iraq in iirc 2006. I also don't buy that Assad, considering that he is already under the microscope for CW, would expose himself in such a way that would help justify an intervention that he has a vital interest to prevent. What FP accuses him of would make sense only if Assad was suicidal. But fortunately we all know that Assad is Capital E Evil - and evil is unfathomable.

I don't so much think that we're having a false flag a lá Ghouta here but rather a plain lie*, like those babies in incubators that were left to die on the cold floor by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait! Ah, eyewitnesses. No matter, FP wouldn't let such undue scepticism come in the way of a story. They're part of a team effort after all and have an editorial like to adhere to.

I think the pitch goes like that:

If Assad is about to lose his big remaining ally, Iran, he's clearly on the ropes, and if he is on the ropes ... clearly the end is night! They almost rapture ready in that regard. Just one last push, and the tyrrant will fall. Just arm and train the Syrian opposition and have that no fly zone already.

And to that end they're-iterating the Chloring barrel bomb story, because of Obama's 'red line' thaat he didn't act on tghe last time, courtesy of Russia outmaneuvering the State Department and the neo-cons.

* Shoot me down on the Chlorine bombs - if there is solid and reliable evidence beyond the dubious crap the Syrian opposition puts out, I like to see it and may change my mind. What I have seen so far was by and large BS. So, if you have links, please share.

Charles I

50,000, 5000,000, 5,000,000 . . the lesson is repeated until it is learned.

There's a big SC case coming removing the last barrier to free flow unlimited PAC-like donations missed in Citizen's United. Not so much a conspiracy, rather a piece-meal rearrangement of the deck chairs, women and children last.


The WP op-ed refers to the alleged chlorine attack in Sarmin on March 16 2015 as evidence of the continuing atrocities of the Assad regime. This attack was reported to have killed a family of six, including three children. Videos showing these three children in a nearby field hospital, one at least still alive on arrival, were uploaded the next day. Since then there has been a well-organized campaign based on this incident, involving an upmarket Brooklyn-based PR agency (Purpose), Human Rights Watch, and most recently a presentation to the UNSC organized by Samantha Power at which the videos of the children apparently moved UNSC delegates to tears.

At the site A Closer Look on Syria (http://acloserlookonsyria.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Talk:Alleged_Chemical_Attack,_March_16,_2015) some of us have been trying to make sense of this story. Key conclusions so far are:-

1. The one-year old boy seen in the clinic videos (the only one of the three children seen alive) has a decreased level of consciousness (coma) and depressed respiration. This is not consistent with chlorine exposure, where the victim would be awake and struggling to breathe until the end. These signs are consistent with a drug overdose.

2. When the boy stops breathing, the clinic staff make no attempt to provide artificial respiration even though they are in a well-equipped emergency room.

3. The videos of the basement apartment from which the family were supposedly rescued show no one there when the rescuers arrive, but what appears to be blood on the floor of several rooms.

4. Opposition activists have since alleged that the regime is dropping small bottles of red liquid on or in the chlorine barrels. This may be an attempt to explain why the apartment looks like a massacre site.

5. The purported Syrian civil defence organization White Helmets (apparently created by Purpose), and the al-Nusra Front (the Syrian affiliate of al-Quaeda that is in control of the area) appear to be tied together by videos uploaded with separate logos but sharing some of the same content.

We hope to get a short report out soon.

Odin's Raven

Which troops trained by Americans have actually won? The less they win, the more they're trained; the more they're trained the less they win! Those who 'win' seem to be those extracting money from the American taxpayer for all this 'training'.



Who is "we?" SST is very interested in what is going on with "Purpose PR" and this story. pl



It is not the "military brass" that is being associated with Ukrainian "freedom fighters" but American politicians. Start with Victoria Nuland and move on to Joe Biden via his ex-cocaine using navy cashiered son.


Clicked in to SST to see if anyone knows the whereabouts of Samantha "R2P" Power. Or Bernard Levi.

The Italians are looking for a little assistance in fishing out the bodies of as many as 700 Libyans whose boat capsized 70 miles from Libya on the way to "refuge" in Italy.


There are a lot of bloody hands that propelled all those Libyans to take such risks.

Hillary "We Came We Saw He Died ha ha ha ha ha" Clinton

Bernard Henry Levi

Jeff Feltman, Victoria Nuland's UN contact

Samantha Power
Barack Obama


Sergei Lavrov foresaw, spoke out against, and acted on lessons learned from the Libya catastrophe

Italian Prime Minister got Obama's attention by labeling Libya a "threat"


It just struck me that the 50,000 number is incidentally ten times the 5,000 that have begun their three years training just a couple days ago, "to form the core first class of Syria's non-jihadist armed opposition".

Here's one more from the dreamers:


So their answer to 'too little, too late', is asking for ten times that?!

This morning, scrolling through Syria Comment, I saw some images of JaN (the guys the Izzies have apparently allied themselves with in the South - i.e. "Moderate opposition", obviously) types adorning their twin 23 on their tactical with four chopped off heads of Syrian soldiers. No difference to IS.

Makes me think that pluralism is a kitten fighting seasoned gutter cats here.

The point is not training but fighting spirit. The US trained the Iraqi army for much longer than three years - and, boy, how well did they fare against IS.

What about accepting to have screwed up, that it was a nutty idea to begin with, and that it is now necessary to come to terms and try something else? Not going to happen.

The Saudis and Turks will fight Assad to the last Syrian, with the Saudi's being bent on 'breaking Iran' there, or somesuch nonsense, and not only they will be unable to install a pluralist regime there, they likely don't want to (as a test: try to say "Erdogan" or "Saudi Arabia" and "Pluralism" successively real fast and try not to laugh). The neocons not only do not negotiate with evil but defeat it, they also never admit a mistake. The R2Pers still want their legacy precedent because wrecking Libya was not enough.

Well, too bad for Syria.

So, just to make the prospect of Islamist rule in Syria somewhat more attractive, here Syria Comment's entry about the HRW report on IS treatment of Yazidi women. Read it and weep.



And here's the UN High Comissioner on Human Right's report on 'Living under ISIS' from last November:


From the report's conclusions:

"74. As an armed group bound by Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions and customary international law, ISIS has violated its obligations toward civilians and persons hors de combat, amounting to war crimes. In areas where ISIS has established effective control, ISIS has systematically denied basic human rights and freedoms and in the context of its attack against the civilian population, has perpetrated crimes against humanity."

ISIS is beyond the pale. So is JaN.

William R. Cumming

IMO most of the Flag Ranks in the US uniformed military remain culturally isolated even domestically and certainly even more so abroad. They say "can do,sir" even when they cannot. They avoid the nuances knowledge of history, languages, and other cultures which involves life-long effort.

William R. Cumming

Did I miss it or does a cogent coherent discourse on why Syria should or should not be partitioned so that this trouble-making "nation-state" created by the Picot-Skes line drawing is eliminated?

Babak Makkinejad

The women ought to be repatriated to another country lest their men folks murder them to redeem their honor.

Swami Bhut Jolokia

In addition to the problems and inadequacies outlined in PL's post and in comments, just who exactly would head up the proposed SNSF? Will we in our infinite wisdom pick winners and losers? That's worked really well for us (and other actual and would-be colonial powers) in the past.

Does anyone know there the Atlantic Council is getting the stuff it's smoking? It sounds pretty powerful, and I'm sure it's not available even with a prescription.


There needs to be regime change in the ME, just not in Damascus. See http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/our-bad-friends-the-saudis/


oofda: I did a quick survey of how our propaganda organs are covering Syria Sarin Gas Attack story. Since they can't prove Assad ordered it, they just imply it. See, e.g., http://www.cbsnews.com/news/did-assad-order-the-sarin-gas-attack/

A more correct headline would be "Who ordered the sarin gas attack?"

But that would assume that the organs are interested in learning the actual truth, rather than spreading the "political truth." I read this story as part of a large-scale ramp up for the next attempt at regime change in Damascus.

Ishmael Zechariah


Which "trouble-making nation state" are you referring to?
Why would you limit the discussion to just one such state in the ME?
Why would you limit the concept of "trouble-making nation state" just to the ME?
Is it just "nation states" which "make trouble"?

Cogent discourses could take many forms...

Ishmael Zechariah


Sadly, only too true.

Babak Makkinejad

Who is going to do the partitioning?

Who is going to provide water, electricity, state subsidies, fuel, teachers etc. for yet another land-locked country with little or no resources?

Who is going to provide education and in what language and dialect?

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