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05 April 2015


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Happy Easter!


Peace to all.


God påske!! As they say in Oslo..


I made a pilgrimage to Sansepolcro just to see Piero Della Francescas "Resurrection". Happy Easter to all.


Oh say can you Cee

Peace to you as well and to all others.

And thank God for Sir Gilbert Levine. His work helps restore hope when there ain’t much around these days. America -- yes, America -- gave us Levine. Glad John Paul II gave Levine a call and made him the Pope's Maestro.

Of course this message comes from the deep, deep South. So watch out… your enemy may save you and your friend may backstab you after gaining your trust and carrying on about how they “care for you”. Or maybe not. All may be the same. Gotta’ be careful these days, imo. But I am old school, I reckon.


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