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16 April 2015


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nick b


Excellent point on RS vs. Elle circulation. The only thing I could say to counter it is that RS tries (with varying success) to engage in real investigative journalism. While Elle magazine and periodicals like it are a studied exercise in the superficial: fashion, clothes, looks, glamour, etc.. I don't think they are comparable, but your point is well taken.

Babak Makkinejad

I do not think fashion, clothes, looks, glamour are superficial; those are all Applied Arts & Aesthetics.

There was this preacher who sermonized often that clothes are instruments for protection against the elements etc. and need only be functional and nothing else.

His poor wife believed him and dressed herself accordingly.

He eloped with the fashionable church secretary.

nick b


With apologies...

Do not spend too much time reading fashion magazines, lest you become clothes minded.



Rolling Stone was not engaged in "real investigative journalism" in that fake rape story. That was a politically motivated hit piece.


American cultural life is the product of CorpsMedia marketeers. American CIVIC life is the product of what individuals freely choose to say and do.

Too soon to tell about the Clintons' child. She may be a late bloomer like Mrs. Roosevelt, whose 30 years of public service did not begin till she was nearly 50.

Hardship is too subjective to assess (think Room 101), much less compare.



Yes, a very important clarification. I agree with you.


This is excellent, Richard.

I didn't realize it when Walrus first cited Robbie Myers' "puff of inane wind". Maybe since Bejing 1995 triggered reminiscences?

But when I saw you focus on it a trend in art criticism came to mind that left me with exactly the same feeling over the decades: hot air, the pose of hallow adoration. ... Maybe there is a common denominator: Stardom or endlessly repeated cliches the writers either feel suggestive of it, or trust to carry the appropriate weight.

I surely will return to this. ;)

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