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16 April 2015


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she has fierce yet measured calling to “make the word a better place.”

Nice; she could start with not writing.


Richard, thank you, as always, for your writing. I will say this, it will be very interesting to see Chelsea if and when she flashes great anger in public. I do think you have the point on this. How could we think ill of Hillary, for she has produced our next Queen, who is splendid and deity like even in her youthful adulthood.


Well done, Mr. Sale, but highly depressing. This is why we so often are left with choosing the less threatening of two egomaniacs. It is also a reminder that there is not a lot of difference between many in the media and garbage collectors, even if the latter are more useful.

There is an effort to create an aristocracy in the US. The House just voted to assist in that effort. I hope it fails before public executions become the remedy, as it has in the past.


There are 320 million people in the USA.

It is inescapable that when you vote for a President that you are voting for a phantom.



You captured the essence of the matter beautifully!
Not to be cruel, but in the Bu we had an expression
applied to girls of a certain degree of looks "On the decent
side of plain". This meant that no bags were required but
not much else could be said.

USMC 65-72
FBI 72-96

Charles I

Aww Richard your articles are too long and don't have good pictures. . .Kanye West thinks he's God and John Lennon with a wife whose ass is peddled as the Fundament of culture. At least they're not running for office . . yet.

Canada's only female Prime Minister Kim Campbell- albeit unelected - once quipped than elections were no time for serious discussion of the issues.

Now you've got me wondering just when it was a really great idea last came along, as opposed to anew gadget or trinket that seems "great" until 2.0 comes out.


All I see when I look at Chelsea is Webb Hubbell, and he was one ugly f**k, mouth like a trout.


what has she written other than her masters and PhD theses?


Indeed, but is she flat chested? Anybody know?


"Amid today’s turmoil, it pays us to remember this -- that great ideas come from lonely souls isolated in their suffering." (Sale)

Growing up in a world predatory-parasitic power groupies would be isolating, lonely --and threatening.

Being an object of scrutiny plus the subject of speculation and Limbaugh-class comment by all the xiaoren (for definition, see below; for examples, see above) on the fucking globe might cause enough pain to qualify as suffering.

The kid seems smart enough, so three of the conditions are met. "Great Ideas" may be in progress.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junzi (4th paragraph)





well said.


Bill H

"NBC paid her $600,000 a year for three years..."

And one has to question whether a person of the grace and integrity described by the ELLE editor would accept such an outrageous amount of money for so little value rendered and based on such paltry qualification.

William R. Cumming

Chelsea of no interest to me now. But it will be of interest as she reacts to her mother's self-destruction in the campaign.

William R. Cumming

Topics if known?

nick b

I guess I am not paying close enough attention these days. Who knew that the opinion of an editor of a low circulation, women's fashion magazine carried so much weight or were worthy of so much discussion?

Please consider that the 'regal' comment and additional puffery were written by Ms. Myers, whose job it is to promote the cover subject of her magazine. Clearly, she lays it on thick. Still, Chelsea Clinton didn't say all these things about herself. Why then should she be criticized for someone else's opinion of her? More so, an opinion expressed for the purposes of marketing a fashion magazine.

I think it is equally misguided to call Ms. Clinton a mere 'puppet of her mother's will' or showing 'not one atom of original thought' (really, not even one?) for openly supporting her own mother in such an article. Seriously, what did you expect from an Elle magazine interview, a critical policy debate?

Lastly, if as Mr. Sale says, Ms. Clinton's not being a 'beauty' 'in no way disqualifies her talents'. Then why even bring it up?

different clue

The whole MSM-Industrial Complex and its mass mind-molding arms and associates work to drive out of the political process any non-phantoms who try to fight their way through it. That could be overcome by a long-established and slow building movement-load of people who know what they want and see a non-phantom who wants some of the same things.

A candidate Webb (for example) would be a non-phantom. The MSM-Industrial Complex would try to make his progress as slow as swimming through tar. Could a movement-load of people who already want to see and achieve what a candidate Webb (for example) might want to see and achieve be able to function as a movement breaking through the tar?


He is our Hope! It is early and he is smart not to say anything as only the charlatans are out there now. Let them eat themselves and come August it will time to move out as only he knows where a leader should be. Out front!
Now what are intelligent men doing discussing a puff piece in a rag like Elle. The child has done well, no big mistakes, gone to college, married a GS man, born a child but still holding those trousers and skirts of her parents. Time will tell but for now a non entity.

different clue


Hopefully a "Webbist" movement (if we were to call it that) would make itself strong, organized and long-lasting enough to be able to produce its own hope in the long run. Movements which can outlive and function beyond their leaders have a greater chance of getting what they want over long timespans, I should think.

About discussing Elle, it is a part of the culture/country we live in.
To paraphrase Trotsky, " we may not be interested in Elle, but Elle is very interested in us." So it might merit a watchful discussion when it features a rising young carefully groomed and prepared glamouristocrat on its cover.

Babak Makkinejad

Richard Sale

I think you are over-estimating the importance of "looks".

There are men who are quite capable of loving an ugly women.

And there are beautiful women whose love life has been one catastrophe after another.

Any way, for the young woman in question, as is said in Persian, "Her donkey has crossed the river." - she is married with a god husband from a god family etc.

As another saying goes:

"It is the goat that should like the grass."



Elle's circulation is comparable to that of Rolling Stone's. Didn't the latter have a fake rape story that drove national media and political attention and policy making? What else would Rolling Stone write about, but music and the entertainment industry?

I agree Chelsea's looks are immaterial and it is no surprise she'd support her mother. The fact that her own touted leadership ability in running a multi-million dollar tax exempt foundation which may be influenced by foreign government donations and whose state purpose is influencing US national policy makes her fair game for critiques on her leadership ability and the integrity of her other members of the foundation's leadership team.



I remember when Tom Delay got enormous flack and an investigation over his wife being paid allot less for consulting. Fortunately the Clinton's, at least Chelsea, was not in office. Was her mom Secretary of State or Senator during that three years? And just what did she do to be worth more than half-a-million a year - other than being the former president's daughter?



I think the reference to looks is a fact of American cultural life and not a personal commentary on Chelsea. Mr. Sale is making this in reference to Eleanor Roosevelt, whose leadership in the public realm is matched by few women in American history. Chelsea has faced few of the hardships Mrs. Roosevelt faced, probably the exact opposite.

Richard Sale

It was a remark intended to defend her. the initial apperances are often misleading.

Richard Sale

William R. Cumming

N.B. IMO a very smart self-described neo-con has written a book entitled QUEEN to be released June 19th and about how HC will run her campaign and win election. The author is HUGH HEWITT and was a staffer in the Reagan Administration WH. Asked why he wrote the book during an interview he stated something like "so the Republicans would know how to defeat her Presidential bid"!

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