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28 April 2015


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Mr Silverman,

I believe I speak for many of the "silent" readers in thanking you to you and the committee of corespondents for keeping this blog going. Your comments and contributions are much appreciated.


Many thanks, Adam, for taking on this job!

Sherry Long  De Mandel

Thank you and all the people who post, and comment, for excellent coverage of issues. no

Patrick Bahzad


Thx for stepping in and for keeping things going ! I'll try and post a piece this week still in relation to the article about ISIS published by "der spiegel" ... I'll keep you posted :-)


Thank you sir!



Thanks for filling some very big shoes.

Charles I

Here, Here. Hmmm I must look up,the origin of that salute. . . Thaks Adam its a lot of work just to lurk here!

Douglass Schumacher


Thank you. This is a lot of work for you, just as it is for Pat. Your columns here and your comments in others' columns are at the top of my daily reading list. I've learned a lot and I really appreciate the work you've put into SST.

William R. Cumming

Thanks again Adam!

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