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01 March 2015


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SAC Brat

Yeah, but how did Mythical Reagan handle it? Historical Reagan doesn't exist anymore.

Adam L Silverman

SAC Brat,

Mythical Reagan bestrides the North American continent like a colossus of the ancient world, keeping us all safe in our beds at night. Or at least this is what Grover Norquist sees when he closes his eyes...

Actual President Reagan handled it by going ahead and selling the AWACs to Saudi, strongly signaling his displeasure with Israel, and as the Haaretz article makes clear not being a push over for Begin. He also, because it was necessary raised taxes about 11 times in 7 years once it became clear that the Laffer Curve wasn't something good to establish economic policy on as it blew up the deficit, withdrew the Marines from Lebanon when he determined we had no vital interests there to protect, negotiated with Iran, because they held Hezbullah's leash, to try to get our hostages back, funded the Contras with the money that came from trading arms to the Iranians, and didn't do whatever Israel told him to do. As governor of California he signed a major gun control measure after members of the Black Panthers showed up to observe a legislative session in Sacremento with unloaded rifles and shotguns. Based on today's political rhetoric that would make him a tax and spender, cutter and runner, appeaser, material supporter of terrorism, most likely an anti-Semite, and a gun grabber... He also never went to church while president, except for one or two official type of events, because he claimed it made the congregation a potential target for terrorism - so not a real Christian either. None of those things are true Actual President Reagan was a complex, interesting politician and leader. He made choices because he had to or was convinced they would lead to the best possible outcome available. If he were to run for office today on his actual record, he wouldn't be able to be elected to anything as a Republican. He'd probably be okay on the right most edge of the Democratic Party though...

SAC Brat

As we say down here in the South, "I hear you, Brother." I take a dim view on the airbrushers of history. Thanks for your reply.



I do not think Obama would be impeached. pl


I too don't think the Pres would be impeached. In fact, at this stage, I think he's well-nigh unimpeachable. As to Ronny, you may be selling his aw shucks & "well... " style homeyness a bit short, not to mention the pro pols he had on the team. Just as important is the capacity of the American electorate to kick-in the cognitive dissonance (w/ corporate media's theater) in the presence of comfort food.


"If he were to run for office today on his actual record, he wouldn't be able to be elected to anything as a Republican. He'd probably be okay on the right most edge of the Democratic Party "

So true.


I remember the incident primarily due to MSM gas bag Dan Rather referring to the AWACS as the "AWACS spy plane". I was pretty happy when his karma bill came due and he exited from the MSM, stage left.


Adam: The Actual Ronald Reagan was a much more reasonable and responsible person than the Mythical Ronald Reagan.

Adam L Silverman


He was indeed. He was also far more interesting and complex than his sycophants make him out to be.

Adam L Silverman


I was not trying to sell that short, just replying to SAC Brat that the real President Reagan was far more complex and interesting than the mythological one.


In 2002 Netenyahu spoke before Congress, at Bush's invitation, about how it was proven that Iraq was developing a nuclear bomb. Too bad the American people and media have amnesia.

The Beaver

@ optimax

“There is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking and is working and is advancing towards the development of nuclear weapons. No question whatsoever,” Netanyahu said then. “Today the United States must destroy the (Iraqi) regime because a nuclear-armed Saddam will place the security of our entire world at risk. And make no mistake about it – if and once Saddam has nuclear weapons, it is only a matter of time before those weapons will be used.”

He went on to say that a US war on Iraq with broad international support at the United Nations would be best, but absent that support the US “must be prepared to act without it.”




I really hate this liar. He just said that Israel can stand alone. I want him to prove it an take his claws out of our pockets. Vile bastard.


Optimax, JESUS! even people who remember the speech will not remember how completely unravels at about 6 minutes into this footage of that speech. It has been edited to enhance the impression of incoherent blithering, but still....



Beave and rjj

I forgot how Bibi went off the rails when questioned by Kucinich. Cleveland Jews helped get rid of Kucinidh. They have new targets after this speech of the boycotters. Bibi said the Russians and North Koreans were giving technical advice to Iraq. I' beginning to think Zionists see the whole gentile world as enemies, including the US.


Actually Cleveland voters did not penalize Kuchinich for that. He was reelected 4 more times. Middle Bushistan (Ohio) has enough to answer for with the 200O and 2004 election irregularities.


"Because of redistricting following the 2010 state elections, Ohio's 9th congressional district absorbed part of Cuyahoga County, abolishing Kucinich's district, and pitting him against 9th District incumbent Marcy Kaptur in the 2012 Democratic primary, which he lost."



I know Kucinich was reelected but forgot he was redistricted out. Jewish leaders disliked Kucinich because he believed in Palestinian rights and exposed Israel's atrocities.


Optimax, that was an edit, not an argument. Seemed worth noting because we are

1. mired in misinformation and disinformation.

2. being suckered into the "All Against All" game being played domestically as well as internationally.

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