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16 March 2015


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I noticed in several reports that the police say the casings they found matched the weapon they have taken from the accused. I did not see anything that states where they say they found the brass.

robt willmann

These photographs are very interesting. I have been otherwise preoccupied and have not kept up with this incident. An earlier news report from CBS said 3 shots, another report said 3 or 4. The St. Louis County police chief and attorney general Eric Holder said it was an "ambush". What adds to the difficulty in figuring it out is that it happened in the evening or at night.

Matching shell casings to a particular gun is not the most solid science, if done by "markings" on the shell casings allegedly made by the firing mechanism of the gun.

The initial criminal complaint accuses the young man of "shooting toward an unidentified subject and striking the St. Louis County officer", and is said to be shown here--




Robert, thanks for that info. My interest is around the exact site where the shooter was standing and if it is plausible that the rounds where 'lofted' over bystanders, on the way to hitting the two police officers.

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