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24 March 2015


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Adam L Silverman


I don't know Professor Krugman, but my understanding of his argument is that at the macro level for budgeting and planning it's a matter of the efficient allocation of resources to achieve the most positive outcomes. I think the setting of what are positive outcomes is where the moral philosophy and normative questions come in.


Ted Cruz's presidential campaign kickoff at a "Christian" university was a calculated affront to genuine (if idealized) Christian values that are, yes indeed, the bedrock of USA.

Liberty is to Christian as AIPAC is to Judaism.


Makes me think of the end of Judgment at Nuremberg.

"Of the 99 Nuremberg defendants sentenced to prison terms, none were still serving their sentences as of 1961."


Rudolf Hess.


The fact that the students were forced to attend his political event is a sad commentary on the university.


Agreed. I am especially grateful for the comments which compare the present to other eras and administrations - perspective is useful.


The interesting thing about this one is it blows some cover on U.S. intelligence channels. This tends to indicate that Obama is about to put some serious chips on the board, and is not just messing around. "White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said 'an occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end.'" If they are actually serious and follow through with this, it could mean a sea change.

Alba Etie

Dr Silverman
I remember in 2004 election when the Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell manipulated the electronic voting to make sure President Bush won his re-election .

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