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26 March 2015


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"Please do not let this story die. Please start discussions of it with your Senators and local news."

you have no link to Grant's take on the issue?

I have to admit that I started to work myself through your evidence links bottom up. Thus I went from the forward, where "preset" puzzled me trough Israel News and "anti-Israel" as the forward described them the first The Nation article.

And there I stopping for you exactly at the "cocoon" at an earlier point in time:
"On Israel, the tone of the report was both admiring and collegial. “The SOREQ center,” it said, for instance, “runs the full nuclear gamut of activities from engineering, administration and non-destructive testing for electro-optics, pulsed power, process engineering and chemistry and nuclear research and safety. This is the technology base required for nuclear weapons design and fabrication.”

The IDA team added: “It should be noted that the Israelis are developing the kind of codes which will enable them to make hydrogen bombs. That is, codes which detail fission and fusion processes on a microscopic and macroscopic level.” So far, The IDA estimated, Israel scientists were about where the US had been in the 1950s in understanding fission and fusion processes.

The report does not include a single declarative sentence that directly states the taboo—Israel has nukes—but the meaning is obvious. For many years, scholars and other experts have estimated that Israel has at least 100 to 200 bombs, possibly more."


Yikes. "Senator Russell."


Mr. Cumming,

The Israelis have been sedulously cultivating a reputation as "mad dogs" for a long time, and have exhibited behaviors that make this talk credible.

Were I other world powers with significant military and intelligence capabilities, I would take this threat seriously. More to the point, I would be tracking their submarine fleet, as well as other possible vectors for the delivery of nuclear weapons very, very closely against the day that the "mad dog" might need to be put down before he bites. Considering the yammering about the "Samson Option", some day it might be the smart play to disempower Samson before he goes nuts and pulls the temple down on all of us Philistines, a/k/a Goyim (and even upon those Jews who were so deluded as to NOT make aliyah).

Not a wholesome thought, granted; but if one goes around brandishing weapons to bully everyone around yourself so as to get your way, it should come as no surprise if someone among those so bullied might eventually have enough of being wooled around. Let the Israelis play at Masada; then if they are not getting their way, they can off themselves like the Zealots did, and leave the rest of us out of it.

William R. Cumming

And the success of Israeli tactics? Perceived or otherwise?


"IMO Israel has the wrong military for its self-defense and as a result it is more than less likely that Israel will from stupidity and fear of its leaders and populace more forward its nuclear option"

Dunno. As of now the Izzies are using 'disproportionate force' because 'overwhelming force' doesn't suffice anymore.

The Palestinians, like Hezbollah before them, have learned that to counter Israeli sensors and firepower burrowing offers a chance to fight back.

In Gaza, faced not with defeat but losses at the hands of Hezbollah that were ambarassing and could have become painful, the Izzies lashed out against Gaza proper.

And, did they defeat Hamas? Or Gaza for that matter? No, but they cause hell of a lot of damage and killed two thousand Palestinians just to teach 'em.

However, in sum that came cheap for Israel, they may just do it again, again and again - moving the lawn and all that - and still not get the results they want.

My fear is that they get so impatient they double down by REALLY lashing out, like by annexing Area C.

So far they are militarily so superior over any of their neighbours, that they don't fear them. No neighbour is strong enough to warrant nukes, much less so the Palestinians - the Izzies want the land, and if they have to irradiate it to rid it of the people it's not worth it.

Nuclear pr-empotion against Iran may be another matter. But are they really nutty enough for that? Frankly, I doubt it, despite all the snarling.


First line cited http://www.IRMEP.org, looks like link didn't come through. Summary of this story, including a link to the Pentagon paper, at
along with history of court struggles at http://irmep.org/CFL.htm .

And here is a succinct policy statement worth reading:

Finally, a fascinating, extremely complex background of the history that is being swept under the rug can be explored from here:

Thank you Grant Smith for your important work.

different clue

Kyle Pearson,

The deeper problem, if the article I linked to is correct in its analysis (and I feel as if it is), then the Rabin assassination was engineered by far more, bigger and deeper than just Israel's KKK. That little Yigal Amir "KKK boy" was just the disposable Oswald. The agitation and scene-setting was conducted by Netanyahu and the entire Likud party apparatus under and around him, and the physical assassination was engineered as to time and place by elements withIN the Shin Bet itself . . . the group charged with proTECting Rabin (among other duties) and trusted by Rabin to do so. I found Jeff Wells's blogpost titled "The Violent Bear It Away" to be very useful in bringing me to that level of understanding.

I continue to believe that Netanyahu not only benefited after-the-fact from the assassination, but did whatever he could get away with before-the-fact to help bring it about. Rabin's wife thought the same and was very upset that Netanyahu was permitted to attend her husband's funeral. So it is worse than just the existence of the KKK groups. It was the protection and entrenchment of those KKK groups by their silent supporters within parts of the Israeli establishment. And now the prospect of civil war with the KKK groups and their supporters keeps the liberal zionist side afraid to protest too effectively or do to much for fear and shame over their own unwillingness or inability to credibly answer the massive riots, murders, assassinations to be directed against them if they protest and obstruct as effectively as Dr. Alon Ben-Meir would like them to do. In my totally amateur and strictly layman's opinion, to be sure.

The Israeli political system would require fairly massive and crudely visible political manipulation from outside to move the balance towards the liberal zionists and the Arab List voters. There would have to be a slow steady visible ratcheting up of visible consequences to the point where the Price Taggers and the Settlement Supporters came under a cloud of severe and persistent public discredit on the part of the broad middle masses of the Israeli public.


Bennett's plan is even worse than you outlined. He is carving up Area C in his annexation plan to leave only 30,000 Palestinians who will be provided Israeli citizenship. He is doing that by grabbing some unoccupied Area B land and not annexing those parts of Area C that include Palestinian populations. Bennett is constantly talking about the 30,000 number which are mainly Bedouin which they have not successfully moved out of the Jordan Valley.

FB Ali

In spite of what the US officers said, Gen Martin Dempsey, head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that Israel went to "extraordinary lengths" to limit civilian casualties in the recent war in Gaza (http://tinyurl.com/mudrs8q).


different clue

Ishmael Zechariah,

I do not know professor Alon Ben-Amir's politics in general. But if he is liberal on the same things and stuff that some of our older legacy Democrats are liberal on . . . Democrats like ex-Senator Harkin and ex-Representative Dingell . . . then he would be a zio-"lib" rather than a zio-"con", would he not?

Confucius is supposed to have said that an occasional Rectification of Terms was very important in order to keep the language and its words specifically meaningful enough to think productively in.

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