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22 March 2015


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no one

Referring to POTUS as "Commander in Chief" seems to be a fad since 9/11/2001. I'm 51 and I've tried to follow the "news" and be an informed citizen since I achieved voting age and I just can't remember the CinC title being regularly bandied about for Carter,Reagan, Bush1 or Clinton.

Actually, I think the ubiquitous use of CinC in some kind of neurolinguistic programming that is designed to get citizens to think of the US as a giant imperial military enterprise above all else. Dangerous thinking on the puppet masters part.


Enemies to the Constitution abounds, on both sides of the political divide.

Charles I

Remember pollster and spinmeister Frank Luntz?



IMO, this is the reduction of the constitution to " that document that makes POTUS our king". Surely the next steps lead to a praetorian guard mentality or, worse, "I was only following orders."



Its been like that at least since FDR decided the US was fifty subjects with DC as king. LBJ's Great Society and the Warren Court inventing a right to abortion based on "penumbras and emanations" only doubled down on it.


Warren was long gone by then, bro
" In the most controversial ruling of his term, Roe v. Wade (1973), Burger voted with the majority to recognize a broad right to privacy that prohibited states from banning abortions. However, Burger abandoned Roe v. Wade by the time of Thornburgh v. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists."




I questioned him at a World Affairs Counsel meeting years back. He looked at me like I was crazy and then some women jumped up and yelled for me to stop asking those kind of questions. LOL!


Not our Charles I, but the English sovereign Charles I Stuart lost his head largely b/c of his misuse of the ship tax. Then there followed the commonwealth of Richard Cromwell who in effect was a dictator.

Charles II made the most interesting article for the restoration of the monarchy: that the king was indeed more circumscribed and restrained by the charters and custom than the dictator. And thus the monarchy came back to the unsceptered isle, chastened and sworn off interfering actively with religion.

Just throwing out an interesting tidbit to this discussion of the sharing and the restraint of state powers. Even though the Brits do not have a written constitution they have charters and customs.


pl -

Off topic - At the Pentagon USD(Intel), Mike Vickers, is quitting. Does that seem strange after just a month under the new SecDef or am I reading too much into it?



Don't know. pl


Interesting line of thoughts for another discussion, perhaps? Which POTUS first ignored the constitution? More importantly, why?


I've been pretty uncomfortable with this mentality for many years. It's like the way I felt about the general whose remarks I read about: "We could beat these cowardly VietCong commies if they'd just come out and fight like men instead of sneaking around like the cowards they are." I wondered, "What planet do you spend most of your time on? Where did you learn about war? Didn't anybody ever tell you about the Minute Men and rangers?" Couldn't believe that guy was promoted higher than corporal. Anyway, when I enlisted I believe the oath I took required that I defend the constitution. It only required that I obey lawful orders and we knew in those days about Nuremberg. I find this guy Eaton a little less frightening than Gerry Boykin, but not much. How do these dingbats not get passed over when they're first lieutenants?



John Adams maybe for his attempt to suppress free speech in the "Alien and Sedition" laws? pl

William R. Cumming

No record is kept of written or oral ORDERS of the Command-In-Chief to the military chain of command.

William R. Cumming

Thomas Jefferson! IMO!

William R. Cumming

Non-uniformed warriors is the future of armed conflict IMO and in part designed to subvert the so-called LAW OF WAR developed originally by HUGO GROTIUS and others.


That was my thinking, Pat. Lincoln, for ordering a new Union Navy without Congressional budget authority?

Hank Foresman

MG Eaton was the first head of training the Iraq Army, from 2003 to 2004; he did such a bad job that he was sent to a dead end job at TRADOC and retired, his replacement was David Petraus.


WRC, the Louisiana Purchase?


Colonel, TTG,

On another note, seems a U.S. military convoy in Eastern Europe is making all the headlines:




I knew it was one or the other but cbf to look it up. Ah well. Thanks for the catch.


So now that most of the details are out on this Iran deal, what is the general's thoughts now?



I am not a general. You know that. I suppose this is a troll, but I will answer. IMO this is a good deal for everyone but Bibi and his crew and the American warhawk crazies intent on destroying Iran. Don't bother to try to debate me on your talking points. I will ignore you. pl

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