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04 March 2015


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Charles I

Well that answers one of my questions. SNAFU according to plan is the plan.



"follow-on gendarmerie force of Mosul policemen ..."
What happened to the gendarmerie force that was originally there?

There seems to be plenty of "perhaps, maybe, might" in that article. Also, why do the authors suggest that "Islamic State might ... hasten its demise with acts of barbarity that spark a rolling rejection of its presence." All the prior acts of barbarism hastened the collapse of the Iraqi Army in prior engagements.

The Twisted Genius

I don't know what those boys down in Tampa are thinking with this plan. I guess it looks better in PowerPoint. Do they really believe they've rebuilt the Iraqi Army to the point that they can take on this task? Don't they know that you start with confidence building operations before before trying to take on a major city? CENTCOM must be severely lacking in patience and the ability to grasp reality.


Or they might wilt again and retreat haphazardly leaving their equipment behind towards the Peshmerga line because the Peshmergas has the best forces that could tackle Daesh at this time.

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