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01 March 2015


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I'm can't wait for Pussy Riot to make another appearance. I wonder if Congress will decide to cut the NED's funding when they figure out just where they've spent all that money.


All immediate security cameras appear to have been disabled


All, it seems the security cameras at the murder scene which were a part of Kremlin security were not functioning at the time.




Its kind of insane when you realize how much of our policy towards Russia is dictated by cultural marxist jewry still mad at the Tsars and cossacks. Would like to remind the Committee that Gessen is the one quoted as saying that homosexual marriage was a front to destroy the institute of marriage. And she's rattling the saber for more stuff to stir that hornet's nest.

The entire Pussy Riot thing was mind boggling. Im sure the Usual Suspects crying croc tears about the sanctity of free speech would be on board with Skrewdriver playing a song at one of the hojillion holocaust museums.

Piotr, Poland

"That reason can be commercial, personal or political."

No. Only political. See the place (vis a vis Kremlin windows - you can see the crime scene from Kremlin!) and date (Special Forces Day) - its full symbolism and political load here.

Why to make efforts of killing Nemtsov in this place and date, where you need many proffesionalists, while you have hundreds other places, where killing would be much easier and one or two assasins would be enough?

This is political demonstration. To whom? I can guess only
First logical adressee is proWestern opposition, but maybe appearances are deceptive and the proper adressee is the main resident of Kremlin?

Piotr, Poland

I should specify it better - I mean proWestern opposition (Zapadnyky) here.


As to the proposition that this was a false flag operation of the CIA - with or without Victoria Nuland's participation, it clearly lacks all credibility. After all, the operation succeeded.


Gessen belongs to the school of slanted journalism. Why she is allowed to publish her vitriol is beyond my understanding. Fred aptly described the status quo...


well if the appearance is deceptive, then the appearance is deceptive.

So the proximity to time, place and method can also be deceptive. So the proximity to Kremlin also sounds like one of those deceptions.

Your First "logical" address of pro-Western opposition does also sound insane to me.

My guess would have been a Ukrainian or a Russian oligarch.

I also agree with Col.Lang assumption about political assassinations. One does not deter a opposition by random assassinations. You would need a whole "terror" like Stalin or Mao did which is quite impossible in Russia these days. Random assassinations are best conducted in a discreet manner to look like accidents.


Kirov was very popular at that time unlike Nemzow whose popularity was 1%. And Stalin was very even UN-popular even at that time compared to Putin who is very popular nowadays.


People sometimes in Russia were murdered as part of business. Back in the good old days, when Nemtsov helped run the show and Russia was still free, 'Russian Dissident' Chodorkowski was apparently given the murder of a pesky mayor of the town of Neftejugansk named Petuchov as a birthday present. That mayor had stubbornly insisted that his company Yukos pay back taxes.

Likely, Chodorkowski did not order that. But his partners apparently found it was an opportune and easy way to get rid of a problem. What I am saying is that Russia and Ukraine are rough places with rogue actors.

Russophobia aside, you don't accept the existence of multiople players with a multitude of heterogeneous motives and incentives, who make pragmatic choices.

Someone may have rid himself of a competitor or accessory in a way that produced additional benefits.

It is by what we know as likely that Nemtsov was killed by Russian rigtists, Ukrainian rightists, Russian or Ukrainian oligarchs with a political and/or business interest in his demise and/or an interest in making life difficult for Putin, and/or make peace difficiult for Poroshenko.

After all, the deal the EU had negotiated with Yanukovich in Ukraine died with the opportune shootings at the Maidan, and deus ex machina, radical forces seized the momentum and took power. Despite these odd circumstances, the US recognised those who came to power in violation of that deal right away.

That said, and this is my SWAG, I do not at all think that the neo-cons ordered such bloodshed.

What I think is that they didn't mind in the slightest the stench when they allied with whoever offered himself to help them get their man Yats the job. Perhaps the same people at work?

The choice of symbolism you painted out may just be as delibaretly theirs, or coincidental, and all that matters in terms of timing is that report the deceased was reported to work on.

Given that Nemtsov titled his last pamphlet 'Putin must go' it is predicatable what his upcoming new one is to be about.

Word is the Kiev government is starting to get afraid about the militias their oligarchs have paid to fight the Rebels, and is trying to disband some. Some militias, iirc Chechen volunteers for instance, have not been paid by the oligarchs who hired them. The militias, having come to have a stake in that war (all that sacrifice for naught?) and their nationalist cause. They are unlikely to appreciate that.

Pretty much the only thing that is relatively clear is that, of all the suspects, by incentives and interests, Putin is the least likely culprit.


Sweet little ol' Masha !

What a piece of work she is. I recently learned that the book she wrote "about" V. Putin was dumped by her initial publisher because of the very stringent libel laws in the UK -- presumably because her allegations could not be substantiated. Voila ! A USA publisher was found that was willing to publish her tract even though it seems to be a propaganda piece -- a polemic for political effect. How is this possible? It's because the US has lax libel standards compared to the UK. Sadly, the concept of "a search for the truth" in our country is dying in the swamp being fed by the Neocons and those who can't discern PR, "spin," and propaganda from "snake oil."

Charles I

wow. Don't ever leave us.

Charles I

Sergei was already inside the tent, an important and beloved party leader.


TTG, Colonel,





Because she is one of the Tribe and hits all the Correct Thought Hallmarks of the Frankfurt School/cultural Marxist crowd that controls the media discourse by and large in these United States.



I would say Mascha is a neoliberal like Obama, Rice, Powers et al, but basically the same crowd. Just what matters to them is who is calling the shots.


I figured Piotr would be with Azov Battalion by now versus fighting the great fight on these here typepad blogs.

Charlie Wilson

The guy was a piece of sh*t. Anna is ridiculously hot and apparently has stopped grieving. I'd be happy to give her my life's savings.


Colonel, All:

" The US regards China's rise as a challenge and a potential threat to its dominance in the Pacific. The latest US National Security Strategy maintains, "At the same time, we will manage competition from a position of strength while insisting that China uphold international rules and norms on issues ranging from maritime security to trade and human rights. We will closely monitor China's military modernization and expanding presence in Asia."

This is the reason why the US introduced its new rebalance strategy to contain China and came up with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trying to head the economic mainstream and push China to the periphery. The disputes over Taiwan and the Senkaku\Diaoyu Islands make relations between China and the US even more complicated. Despite US displeasure, China pursues independence from the US policy. The plan to construct "the second Panama channel" through Nicaragua with Russian participation is a vivid illustration.

If one compares the relations between Russia and China, the situation is different. Neither Russia nor China tries to impose its will on each other, to export its values or have territorial claims on each other. There are no serious contradictions in bilateral relations. On the whole, the positive dynamics are steady. Russia found itself under heavy pressure from the US because of its desire to pursue an independent policy.

Both Russia and China have common ground in building a new world order where non-Western countries will have more political, economic and social freedom and responsibility. Both partners are interested in resisting efforts from Western countries and institutions to impose their rules of the political and economic game. Russia and China have come out against Western pressure and attempts to limit their sovereignty. Both countries are seeking joint resolution of global problems. Their single approach is that the rule of law should be the guiding line for world politics."

Full article here: http://tinyurl.com/jvr2n6a


" at this rate it want take very long for Putin to get blamed for the 9/11. "

He also burned the Reichstag, killed Kennedy and the Lindberg baby. The Lindberg baby. The swine. Killing a baby. He really stops at nothing.



Just my two cents,

I am a bit dumbfounded by the seemingly knee-jerk rejection of the possibility that Putin might have been indirectly involved in this murder by many here. On the one hand, it seems absurd that many in the West should be so quick to jump to conclusion that Nemtsov must have been murdered by Putin--the situation is too murky, too complex, with too many moving parts to attribute blame to anyone "obviously."

While I don't doubt that Putin may personally be shrewd strategic thinker, it seems that Kremlin is today is also a rather over-centralized and top heavy place, the kind of place where seemingly overzealous yes-men pursuing their own agenda behind the scenes tend to thrive. Could these lackeys have pulled it off, on their own? I am not saying that Putin or his underlings did it. I just have trouble believing Kremlin is so well run a bureaucracy as to prevent funny business in its own midst, on top of many other potential culprits and their potential agendas.

Piotr, Poland

This Levada poll is nothing new to me.

Russian proWestern opposition is weak, and only Ukranian war gave them the fresh breath, with the few new supporters. Before Ukrainian war they were in progressive collapse.

Nemtsov and Navalny were their centers of gravity
(thats why I called them "big stars"). Without them they will disperse into small parties without any meaning

Putin is not afraid of them, thats logical,but is far from disregarding them too. As a good history student he remembers well how ended disregarding Lenin's coming back from Switzerland to Russia :-)

He is interested in controlling them and sometimes using them for his own purposes and games.
They were almost totally absent in state TV channels, so how common Russians could know them?
If their names are recalled in Russian TV, they are almost always connected with words like: traitors, 5th column etc, so how typical Russian can trust them?


"how ended disregarding Lenin's coming back from Switzerland to Russia"

You do kow, as an avid student of history, that that Mr. Lenin had a foreign sponsor interested in destabilising tsarist Russia?

Kyle Pearson

I'm with b on this one (and have independently arrived at the conclusion).

I suspect it was either Ukrainian Neo-Nazis or (less likely, IMO, but still possible) organized crime groups who murdered this guy.

Both had motive, both had good reason to disregard how it would reflect (e.g., "Send the big guy a message! Teach him not to muck about on the international stage!") on Putin's worldwide standing, and both are quite capable of exploiting gullible 22 year old "women".

His 22 year old ladyfriend - a big fan of the Kievan junta, and in the context of his life obviously not beneath lying for them - would have been an easy means of keeping track of his movements.

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