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16 March 2015


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Pat, I had trouble, how to handle it as a kid. Given my mouth contained teeth. I never managed to deal with deal with the idea that I was meant to eat it, somehow. ...

Interestingly enough baraka/barakat leads to ritual food too, which in turn reminds me of the importance of food not only in Judaism. ...



"I had trouble to handle it..." You mean the Host in the Eucharist? You are supposed to chew it. pl



I'm surprised by the observation that we are supposed to chew the Host, as I was always taught not to! (However, a google search seems to reveal that there is a bit of controversy here...)



RCC practice has changed markedly in my lifetime. Like you, i was taught as a child not to chew the host, but that has gone away. Now there is much more giving of communion on both forms, use of sacramental lay ministers to give communion, chewing, and placing the host of your hand for you to put it in your mouth. This will seem an odd discussion to non-Catholics. pl

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