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05 March 2015


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"... as I read the American constitution,..."
It is an unpardonable sin that a foreign government official has read and understood the founding document of our Republic while our own officials have not. I wonder if anyone could get a copy (of the Constitution) to former congressman (what ever happened to that aid of his anyway) Joe Scarborough and the rest of the NYC elites.


it is a mystery why three hours are given to that wretched program -- esp since the ratings are so consistently dismal.

this new effort to remake meeka, that princess of wdc political elite, as some leading advocate on behalf of female empowerment is insulting.

and in curry's defense -- no one would have been able to out screech scarbro. he bullies and talks over those who are on the verge of making salient points that trump his stale blatherings. she was on hardball recently and reminded matthews that right after 9/11, the iranians had offered to cap the centrifuges at 168 -- but the bushies rejected the offer. so now obama is negotiating to cap at thousands. and matthews just glided right over that little detail...

and re jose diaz-balart -- he recently welcomed chuck todd on his program with an 'hola, amigo' ... and the momentary look of horror on todd's face was hilarious.

Paul Escobar


"Meeka...female empowerment"?

Isn't there some picture of her posing on a desk with a stripper pose - while Joe just gets to stand...normally lol!

There are only two kinds of women MSNBC promotes...submissives & butches. There's apparently nothing in-between.


Mark Gaughan

This is off topic, but I want to thank you for having this site. Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom. I appreciate it.



I'd like it if some of these people were invited on these shows to speak.

I've heard them on alternative radio and meet a few in person.


Iran's Jews: It's Our Home And We Plan To Stay


I hate it when the Hitler-of-the-Day sounds so non-Hitlerish.

Babak Makkinejad

Also this:


Mark Logan


Iran, witnessing the display by the US Congress, including standing ovations for utter nonsense, "..enemy of my enemy is my enemy..", "There is no difference between Iran and ISIL!" ect., has to know any agreement they reach with Obama isn't worth the paper it's written on. There is currently no entity within the US government that can conduct treaty negotiations with Iran.

It seems to me it's now up to the other members of the P5+1 to hash this out. Perhaps the deal they reach will be acceptable to John Boehner? I ask Walrus for a diagnosis of the man. Particularly his odd facial movements while sitting behind Obama during the last SOTU speech and his recent "kissy face" press interview.


I read Avad Zarif's interview in great detail. I have new hope. Perhaps. The pride of nations is a stubborn thing. But perhaps with courage. Perhaps.... I say time take a chance.

Babak Makkinejad

Javad Zarif - the first letter has been mistakenly dropped.


Col. don't you find it amusing that this important interview by Zarif that is over 30 pages long and very clearly articulates the Iranian positions and concerns is all but ignored as a thread?

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