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30 March 2015


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Col: Apparently, Iran is the only country in the world that is not allowed to have friends or influence. Talk about a real Morgenthau Plan.

William R. Cumming

Bibi continues to be ignorant of history. As far as Empire did Iran ever be a revanchist power after Rome supplanted the Greeks?

IMO the US and UK were quite lucky Stalin did not park permanently in Iran as were the Iranians. Could be wrong as always.


I guess this means Bibi has to come back to DC to 'splain this to Mr. Tanning Booth and Ole Tom Cotton, while Chuck Shumer beams with delight.


"The emerging agreement in Lausanne sends a message that there is no price to pay for aggression - on the contrary, Iran gets a prize for its aggression," Netanyahu said.

what nata-yahoo means to say is; the zionist narrative no longer holds, no matter how much he cries his holocaust industry marketing approach. The rest of the world has had enough and it is time for the zionist and their supporters to come down to earth and join the rest of humanity. chosen or not, time to join all others.



Well, neither are Russia, Venezuela, or, until recently, Cuba.

On the other hand, China is not one of these countries, which I find amusing. It's not that people don't try...but seemingly every attempt to blackball China seems to fall apart, at least since relations with PRC was normalized. One difference might be that we believe that China is a country that we can--and do--business with profitably, although, then again, one would think there would still be a lot of money to be made through peaceful trade coupled with mutual noninterference vis-a-vis Iran or Russia...

One thing is clear, though: "China" Lobby (aka Taiwan lobby) was at least as powerful, if not more so, than the Israeli lobby until 1970s and, coupled with knee-jerk anticommunism, ensured that no constructive relationship could be built between US and PRC. Somehow, though, once things flipped in late 1970s, the same pariah status could not be re-bestowed on China.

Rob Waddell


I hope this doesn't sound too 'parallel universe' but has anyone considered that Iran would be a useful friend to USA (an alliance may be too strong a word). Think about it; 80 million population, that's a lot of potential exports. A theocratic but stable nation with a long and deep cultural inheritance and a well educated population that appears to desire modernity. It's geolocation would also appear to make it useful if Pakistan, KSA and Israel go feral not to mention the prospect of a Global China.

I have met several Iranians; they are very nice people, just like Americans that I meet regularly.

Just trying to spread the love around.


Unlike a bizarre (if treasonous) US-Israel affair that is fueled by the biblical mythology and cunning influence of the "chosen" on key positions in the US financial, governmental, and media centers, China has been squeezing the US by traditional peaceful means via the powerhouse of Chinese economy: http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/03/30/chinas-bank-waning-usa-hegemony/
China the Giant has been growing while the US energies have been consumed by the "early offset of sclerotic decisions" aimed at accomplishing the world domination by means of military presence everywhere. The US continue benefiting, though, from an influx of the most precious capital--the ambitious, bright, and highly educated emigres from Europe and Asia.



They are the ones not paying a price for aggression. I feel sick over this evil!!
Imagine if any of you were simply trying to feed yourselves!

Gazan Fisherman Builds Reef So His People Won’t Starve, Israeli Navy Shoots Him Dead (VIDEO)




"The emerging agreement in Lausanne sends a message that there is no price to pay for aggression - on the contrary, Iran gets a prize for its aggression," Netanyahu said.

"Moderate, responsible countries in the region, primarily Israel but other countries as well, will be the first to be harmed by this agreement," he added."

In psychological terms, this is called "Projection" - attributing your own sins to the opposition while claiming their virtues for yourself.

It is the Iranians who are "moderate and responsible" and the Israelis who are demonstrably far more aggressive in my opinion.



Justice is coming.

Virginia State Bar cancels Israel trip, citing ‘discriminatory’ border policies

Israeli border policemen on July 7, 2011 scan the arrival terminal at Ben Gurion international airport near Tel Aviv. Edward L. Weiner, president of the Virginia State Bar, said his organization was told that officials could not guarantee that someone in the group would not be questioned or stopped if they visited Israel. (Nir Elias/Reuters)
By Donna St. George and Steve Hendrix March 29 at 7:49 PM

The Virginia State Bar has canceled its midyear legal seminar in Jerusalem, citing “unacceptable discriminatory policies and practices pertaining to border security that affect travelers,” in a decision that provoked a swift reaction Sunday among some political leaders

The decision to cancel the trip followed an online petition launched by bar members who said exit and entrance policies in Israel would discriminate against Arab, Muslim and Palestinian members of Virginia’s legal community.

“It is unacceptable that the Virginia State Bar has decided to hold a conference in a location that actively discriminates on the basis of racial, religious, and national origin grounds, and effectively prevents Arab, Muslim and Palestinian members of the [Virginia State Bar] from attending,” the petition said.

As word of the state bar’s decision buzzed on social media, with some critics describing it as a “boycott,” House Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) wrote a letter Sunday urging the group to reconsider. Virginia has a long-standing relationship with Israel, Howell noted, and shares deep cultural and economic ties, including $75 million in exports last year.

The decision to cancel “is inconsistent with the policy of the Commonwealth and sends the wrong signal about our relationship with Israel,” he wrote.

Virginia State Bar leaders said the decision was being misinterpreted and did not in any way represent a boycott or other political action.

“We are not a political group,” said Edward L. Weiner, the group’s president-elect. “We are making no political stand whatsoever. We are not making any statement about Israel, Israel’s security policy, zero.”

A spokesman said Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) had no comment on the state bar’s action, noting that the governor does not belong to the bar or work with it regularly.


"at least since relations with PRC was normalized"

That is the point, all this Nixon appeasement has to be rolled back. Relations to China should be hostile again.

After all, it's well past 1939, and the South Chinam Sea is the next Sudetenland:

China has now acqquired the very threatening capability to successfully defend Chinese coastal waters.

Why? Who doesn't like carrier battle groups crusing off their coast? Tyrrants. Clearly, China is giving itself away. That capability is clearly as sign of aggressive intent. This must not stand.

If the US shows weakness in China or anywhere else, it will lead to crisis erupting everyhwere.

The only appropriate response that doesn't suggest weakness is for the US to double down on everything out of principle, confront the wicked unflinchingly and to supply arms to every ally who asks for it.

Since US resources are as unlimited as America's capability to transform the world for the better that is entirely feasibly. Indeed, it would be ludicrously unrealistic to suggest otherwise. Simply don't reduce the defence budget and things will just fall into place as long as only the US leads boldly.

Clearly, nobody abroad in his right mind could possibly interpret US intentions as hostile.

The Chinese must know that the US 'hate the sin, not the sinner'. After all, the US always bombed Saddam, not Iraq, and they were about to bomb Assad, not the Syrian people. Iraqis have always appreciated the differentiation, just like the Syrians would have. The Chinese will also see it in just these terms.

Without the godless Chicoms in power the US would never have privoted to Asia since it has nothing to do with economic power and interests. It has always been just about rolling back the spread of Chinese Communism under the banner of Freedom ™. The Yellow Menace thrives, beware!


A Taiwan lobbyist wrote the GOP platform that calls for the US to supply arms to Taiwan, obviously with US credibility in mind ... Lest the US shows weakness ...




But that's the thing. Most of the attempts at blackballing PRC just don't seem to stick. There are enough people who scream murder, Tibet, South China Sea, or whatever, probably more than there are about, say, Ukraine. But while blackballing Russia seems to work, blackballing China doesn't seem to stick so easily. Most of the American people don't seem as nearly repulsed by the Chinese as they are by the Russians. Yet, China today has by far more repressive a government than Putin's--Putin may have authoritarian tendencies, but Russia is probably more "democratic" today than it ever has been in its history.

Am I the only person who thinks this?

Babak Makkinejad

NO you are not.

I think the idea is probably that Russia has been hopelessly lost to Orthodoxy while China is still available to Protestant Evangelism.


"Most of the American people don't seem as nearly repulsed by the Chinese "

Given them ten years.


You exaggerate.

Still, I think you're right to the extent that that old grudge is still there, deep down somewhere. US protestants have never forgiven the communists to have kicked the missionaries out and to have persecuted China's Christians, not to mention the one child policy, not will they ever.

I recall reading a Tom Clancy novel years back when when I could still stomach reading them, in which the Chicoms were the bogeyman (and a weak Russia joins NATO whene invaded by China, to be saved by, who else, the US - and the whole thing ends with regime change by student revolt). Clancy, I dimly recall, went to some length to describe the Chinese aborting as a result of their one child policy. Abortion is a first class wedge issue in the US.

Like every other political corpse, anti-China resentment, can be reanimated to again haunt the living.


"Russia is probably more "democratic" today than it ever has been in its history. "

Yes, probably, but since Putin it isn't weak and subservient to the Washington consensus i.e US hegemony that doesn't matter. It isn't about how democratic Russia is or isn't, but about whether it submits to US hegemony.

On the other hand, when Russia was weak and subservient to the US as it was under Jelzin, when US advisors (who iirc hold and held high positions in the US government) had offices in the Kremlin and practically ran the government, the US held Russia in contempt and had them 'eat shit', and wouldn't admit them in the West anyway even when they complied. These people, largely from the Clinton administration, liked their Russia weak.

I think Stephen F. Cohen and Jack Matlock have it quite right when they point to the crux of the matter - the fact that the US are under the persistent delusion that they won the cold war (and that it didn't end in US-Russian consensus that it was too risky a game to continue to play) and that Russia was thus a defeated nation (and to be treated that way).

The problem with Putin is that he, to those so inclined, is a throwback and refuses US policy prescriptions and hegemony. What a wicked man! He has own ideas about what should happen in Syria, not to mention Russia and Ukraine, and gets in the way of US ideas? He must go!


I caught a comment by Slavoj Zizek not long ago. It may have been in the documentary about developments in Greece (Agora: Democracy and the Market) I posted on the recent open thread.

His argument essentially was that China by now is the epitome of economics. Basically he suggested that to get up to matters our Western economies have to get rid of democracy a little bit.

But could that be related to changed US perceptions? Russia's economy still mainly relies on its resources.


But strictly during the Obama election I noticed that East and South Asia was an important aspect of security.

Wiki on matters:


Hmm, 5 supportive articles flanking this one.


"The Forward, which I was editing, saw this as a perfect time for President Bush (41) to declare that if the Gulf States wanted to be protected, they’d have to be prepared to fight alongside the Israel Defense Forces. But Bush shrank from standing on this principle of solidarity. This came to a head when the scudding started, and Yitzhak Shamir — an underrated figure in the Lipsky view — was desperate to get Israel’s warplanes and troops into the fight.

That led to the issuance on the front page of the Forward an editorial called “The Jewish War Front.” The title echoed that of the book in which Ze'ev Jabotinsky, in 1940, called for “a Jewish army on all Allied fronts.” The Forward said that it was waiting for “some indication that the Jewish state is more than a potential victim in this struggle” and might have something to contribute to the military campaign. Plus the victors would have standing in the parleys to come."

"The excuse Baker gave for his famously coarse epithet of the Jews is, “They didn’t vote for us anyhow.” But what excuse does President Obama have?"


I wouldn't use projection in this context. Although vaguely it has been on my mind too as far as aggression goes.

Another association won on my head. About the limits of arguments, and how easy it is to pick something to make your point.

But then there is this, Amos Harel, this time:


"The third point concerns the powers ignoring what Iran is presently doing in the region. During the past two months Iran has been increasingly meddling in Iraq, established a substantial military presence along the Syrian and Lebanese border with Israel, and has helped the rebels in their efforts to overthrow Yemen’s government and gain control over maritime traffic through the strategic Bab-el-Mandeb strait.

Not only are none of these things being raised in the negotiations in Lausanne, but U.S. policy in the Middle East is so full of contradictions that it is joining with Iran to battle the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, while giving intelligence aid to the states in the Sunni camp battling the Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen."


confused. I was stunned when I stumbled in the larger US conspiracy universe over a China-is-on-the-US-border-meme. Supposedly it just arrived via Mexico at the time.

So yes, there may be a tale-base to fall back on. ;)

Babak Makkinejad

I think that all those points that Amos Harel has mentioned would merit inclusion in strategic level of negotiations between Iran and US.

The public Iranian offer of dividing the Middle East between Iranian and American spheres of influence - so that each country can avoid working at cross-purposes with the other, was not taken by US.

On the other hand, evidently, repeated attempts by US to include other items in the P5+1 format has been resisted by Iran.

With the failure of the P5+1 negotiations today, March 31, we are where we started back in 2013 - plus ISIS and Yemen.

EU3 must bear major responsibility for the failure of these talks; in my opinion.


Remind me when my emotions interfere via reduced spelling in not much attention on linguistic matters. ;)

The most interesting, but least easy to dig into story distributed among my friends-of-conspiracy was a story about a somewhat huger financial enterprise from Russia towards the US.

The tale went something like: a rather huge amount of money via a complicated network of European banks ended up in the US.

The rest I do not remember quite well, there was some type of insider and slighly peculiar out of the normal court procedures.

"US advisors (who iirc hold and held high positions in the US governmen"

If I recall correctly that is. ;)

Babak Makkinejad

Chinese are not going around telling other people how to live their lives and how to organize their societies.

For example, their commentators in discussing Iran and the situation around Iran, never use the word "theocracy" and not as a swear word - which very many American and European commentators do.

My guess is that Euro-Americans are still waging their war against God across the globe - and atheistic Chinese or Japanese are just dandy for them.


Babak, I thought, I decided to leave the issue of theocracy out. Haven't I? Am I misguided?

In any case, I was close to admitting that for propaganda reasons no doubt Iran may serve to stand for theocracy for the masses.

But then, we may stand on opposite site concerning religion as a driving force, apart maybe from that it is part of a culture, no doubt.

Babak Makkinejad

You have to be there, when a man is putting his entire family into graves by his own hands, and observing to a reporter: "Please, sir, walk away. God willed that my family perish. Please sir..."

Godless Modernity can say nothing.

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