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29 March 2015


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Dear Colonel,

Evolutionarily, if one has the power of a rabbit, discretion is advised, whereas if one is a top predator, roaring (advertising) is fine. Given the technological difference, humanity is the rabbit, although aka David Brin/Uplift series, a rabbit can take out a wounded, or ill and dying lion.

Equally interesting is why anyone would think their would be justice and benevolence amongst the stars for us primitives? I think this is an overlap with most modern religions... Older religions generally pictured the gods mirroring human behavior - Q's righteous and well meaning torment of Captain Picard cutting through the fine and noble starfleet words.

Lord Curzon

As long as they're not looking to sell us something, I'm happy!

different clue


And hungry aliens would be even more dangerous than hostile ones.


Col Lang

An apt other-worldly metaphor for our
foreign policy the last 25 or 30 plus years.
IMO we view the other as aliens even tho
they are somewhat made in our image
like the blonde furrie faced.
"The South will rise Again"


We already have cetaceans, corporations, and government life forms on this planet, along with pure-information-based memes, and possibly information-based angels.

The cetaceans are not warlike; so far we don't care about their water, and they don't care about our land; we cannot understand their language, and they don't have the semantics to understand ours, although dolphins have occasionally tried to make contact by parroting back English to humans--sped up fast and in the ultrasonic register. One lady taught a dolphin to speak words slowly so humans hear; only a handful of words, though, and there were major attention problems:
Note I believe the newspaper lies: the inside story I heard was that the dolphins committed suicide after they had been injected with LSD, not "dying of a broken heart".

Corporation life-forms have mostly taken over the planet already, and we don't even notice. Corporations have some power over governments. Government life-forms exist at a different order than ours, and have substantially different life stories. For the most part, interactions between individuals and corporations fall under the heading of "malign neglect", except when something gets up someone's nose.

Memes live in a symbiotic relationship with processing entities who spread them. They are such a different form of life that most people don't recognize them as such yet.

Angels, like gorillas in 1880, may or may not exist; they are as of yet a crypto species. There seems to be little need for them to mess with humans?; or perhaps, like the memes, they've been there all the time and we simply don't notice them, like that tan/pink blob centered in the bottom of your vision.

Babak Makkinejad



Prof. Kao,

RE: "My experience with people from several cultures is that they like "foreign" peoples more than people who are near them and like them."

Aye... till they start "defiling" your wenches.

Charles 1

Sometimes your writing reminds me of Gregory Benford's Great Sky River scifi novels, I can't imagine how it is you don't have a screenplay in you, even a non scifi one.

But I await Pasha Ismail before that day. . . .


Charles I

Benford? Who is that? Richard Sale says it reminds him of Tolstoy. My writing has been on offer in Hollywood for many years. It is not wanted. pl


That is exactly what I will do.



Especially when they force you to purchase "protection" from 'em...

Charles 1

Whaty domtrhey know?

GB is an older Nebula Award-Winning Science Fiction Author who is also an astrophysicist. I once consumed him in mass quantities a couple of decades ago, he's fairly prolific and still at it. He has written with David Brin, mentioned above by ISL.



This series of his came to mind during Carolina in the Morning:


The Galactic Center Saga is a series of books by author Gregory Benford detailing a galactic war between mechanical and biological life.

There are six in this series alone and I recall reading them the way I now watch tv - binging.

Babak Makkinejad


Likely, the "Alien" will be a humanoid:

Life's Solution by Professor Conway-Morris:



Historical contingency and the purported uniqueness of evolutionary innovations @ http://www.pnas.org/content/103/6/1804.full.pdf

But the counter point is made @

On the ‘‘Duel’’ Nature of History: Revisiting Contingency
versus Determinism - @ http://www.plosbiology.org/article/fetchObject.action?uri=info:doi/10.1371/journal.pbio.1000259&representation=PDF

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