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20 March 2015


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Interesting, Pat. Appreciate your observations.


All We kept watching this piece of s--t from a sense of fascinated horror and disgust. The ending was spectacularly awful. The US Ambassador was arrested by Israeli police on the premises of the US Consulate General in Jerusalem, but the best was the denouement which involved an international plot to destroy the Temple Mount by blowing up a dam on a river that contains a lake that supplies Jerusalem's water supply and thereby flooding the tunnels that honeycomb the land under the Dome of the Rock. Problem: there is no such dam, there is no such river, there is no such lake and there is not any such system of tunnels. There are tunnels but none of them like this and I have been in all the tunnels. Jerusalem gets its water from the Israeli National Water Carrier system which steals water from Lebanon, Jordan and Syria and carries it south for that purpose. Most of the people in the production staff seem to have been Jewish. Have they never been to Israel. pl

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