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12 March 2015


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Swami Bhut Jolokia

I look forward to the day when the Leahy Law is applied to the IDF.


I would be very very surprised indeed if the Badr component were not the prime movers in this.


john v

And what is the chance of shia militias not engaging in dirty war tactics? zero? Less than zero. Revenge? Of course they want revenge. And it will be bloody and sweet revenge too, fully sanctified.

I guess if you think region-wide religious civil war is good for business, then this is a positive turn of events. Otherwise, it shows USA should refrain from engaging in further colonial wars for the time being, as its empirical management skills are clearly found wanting.


john v

"what is the chance of shia militias not engaging in dirty war tactics? zero? Less than zero." Some of you need to read more real literature so that you can recognize things like rhetorical questions. pl



So do I. pl

john v

american psycho not real literature? at any rate an apt metaphor for present predicament perhaps.


Dear Colonel,

Only slightly off topic, but, from Al Monitor:

"IS tried to delay the progress of the Iraqi army and al-Hashid al-Shaibi — volunteer forces supporting the army — until the arrival of military supplies, through carrying out a series of suicide attacks in Samarra one day before the operation to liberate Tikrit began....."

(Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2015/03/iraq-tikrit-islamic-state-army-war-of-attrition.html#ixzz3UGpkdFWv")

So the forces ran far ahead of their support.... seems poor strategic planning.

The Virginian

Ethno-sectarian cleansing has been occurring in Iraq since 2003, this is but the next evolution of what will go on for some time to come. In parallel, it is a competition for power amongst the Shia elites and their backers - this set of communal conflicts will also remain a fixture of the Iraqi landscape.


john v

i have no opinion of this book. pl

Kyle Pearson

I'm curious to hear what you think of this, Colonel - (and anyone else who would like to comment) -


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