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22 March 2015


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William R. Cumming

IMO many shadows exist over the Obama Administration even as it struggles for its place in the history books. Not a pretty sight for the fainthearted or the knowledgeable.



IMO Petraeus is doing what he always has done. He is feathering his nest by currying favor with the Kagans, Bibi and the R2pers. pl

r whitman

Sometimes having a slick, devious prima donna con man on staff giving advice is an asset.


given the short time left to this administration, it seems more prudent to keep the loose cannon inside the tent rather than having it picked up by the opposition.

ex-PFC Chuck

I repeat here a comment I made late yesterday on the McClatchey coverage of the Tikrit offensive, since it pertains to the neo-conservative cabal:

Does anyone here (presumably mainly USA citizens) have an indication of where former senator and possible presidential candidate Jim Webb stands in this regard? More specifically would he be receptive to the suggestion that all known neocons and sympathizers be required to wear GPS-enabled ankle bracelets that would sound an alarm whenever they got within 50 miles of DC or attempted to call an area 202 phone number? Just kidding (sort of) about the ankle bracelets. Not about the desire for input on Sen. Webb's position on this.

Odin's Raven

Maybe he'll give the Iranians a laugh.


Our country, where any felon can have a second, third or fourth life. Not so much for mistresses.

William R. Cumming

NSC was designed in the National Security Act of 1947 and even now as amended as a largely civilian structure. But with as many as 50% serving officers of the US Armed Forces as staffers [all of who still get OERs] DoD is largely in control. IMO of course.


Is there a countering force to the Kagan crime family?

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