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02 February 2015


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You may be interested in this interview, which discusses the "conditionality" of repayment, and puts that, correctly, at the centre of the current negotiations:

Merkel's inability to respond with any imagination to this historical moment in terms of the "conditionality" of the debt is why I called her a Conservative ideologue; but yes, I would say that there is more behind it than the current news. I think we have to look at the development of economic and social thought generally in the remanants of the Soviet Union.

FB Ali


For some people in the US - what's not to like about waging a proxy war against Russia? It's Ukrainians who are getting killed, Ukraine that is being devastated. And the Russians spend their scarce resources and lose many of their soldiers.

And when Ukraine collapses, the US will hand it over to the Europeans to salvage and prop up. That is why I just can't figure out what Merkel is up to. Is she that dumb?

Charles Dekle

He will be offering them the chance to manufacture F-35 parts as soon as Ukraine becomes a NATO member, IMHO.

Charles I

"why can't I stop with one topic after someone tells me to please stop????"

hahahahha try looking into the connections between the drug trade and the international financial system . . . the only coincidence is that you happened to stumble upon 2 things you knew something about

Charles I

All the Chinese need to know is how easily suborned top level broad spectrum access was and I am certain, is.

Charles I

That's what I meant by sad no(t) so difficult puzzle, missed the t. Sure war mongers abound, Merkel cannot be one of them, Germany has been at war with Russia. I think she knows Russia can have the bits of Ukraine that it and the locals want and all Nato can do is enable more destruction, nothing in for Europe.

Maybe the MittelEurope thing is just the momentum of political, economic and military failures and projections of diminishing American interest and influence in Europe. Germans gotta live there, sort out the EU, balance their hard working books, fed up with the whole ME/Iran sanctions thing but a hostage to history and now nuclear hypocrisy.

I'd be pulling my head in too.


Here's an interesting quote for you:

"Ukraine is a country with rich agricultural potential. It is home to over 32 million hectares of fertile, arable land. This is equivalent to one-third of the entire arable land in the European Union... In addition, Ukraine is the third-largest exporter of corn and fifth- largest exporter of wheat in the world. Ukraine’s agricultural land is currently under a moratorium that bans its sale until January 1, 2016. Despite this moratorium, at least 1.6 million hectares of Ukrainian agricultural land is currently in foreign hands. According to several reports, just 10 large agribusinesses control as much as 2.8 million ha.

(taken from "Walking on the West Side: the World Bank and the IMF in the Ukraine Conflict, a report released in July 2014, by the Oakland Institute)

My point is this: the ownership of Ukraine is now being negotiated among large capitalist concerns. (It's not just Joe Biden's son in the shale oil industry.) Ukraine, at this point, doesn't have a functioning sovereign government

And while this is going on, Merkel is leading a German government committed to Mercantilist economic principles (or neo-Mercantiist if we want to acknowledge that the aboition of tarifs is part of today's Mercantislism).

Harper too is a neo-mercantislist, and bet on the oil sands, a very bad gamble which structurally led to the weakening of Canadian manufacturing and Canada's economic position internationally.

David Habakkuk

Babak Makkinejad,

There is something to be said for Kipling’s view. See his poem that starts:

Whether the State can loose and bind
In Heaven as well as on Earth:
If it be wiser to kill mankind
Before or after the birth--
These are matters of high concern
Where State-kept schoolmen are;
But Holy State (we have lived to learn)
Endeth in Holy War.

(See http://www.poetryloverspage.com/poets/kipling/macdonoughs_song.html .)

Until not so long ago, Britain was not really a democracy. It had elements of an Aristotelian polity – a mixture of monarchic, aristocratic, and democratic elements. It did not function that badly.

William R. Cumming

Great comment! IMO!

William R. Cumming

Great comment IMO!

David Habakkuk

F.B. Ali,

I think that the retreat and collapse of Soviet power – a phenomenon they signally failed to anticipate before it happened or attempt seriously to understand after it happened – created in Western elites an exhilarating sense of power and virtue.

It is like a drug – abandoning it would mean a kind of ‘cold turkey’. It is also a very dangerous drug, in that this combination makes any kind of empathy impossible.

Twenty-five years of policies based on this mentality have ended by pushing the Russians into a position where they have no alternative but to challenge the confidence of Western elites in their own self-evident omnipotence and benevolence.

The preservation of self-images is often quite as important a motive for policymakers as more ‘realist’ considerations.

William R. Cumming

What the Germans learned is that anything short of military invasion is the way to dominate others. Keep below the horizon and hope for world-wide distractions.

The real interest of the Germans [and Chinese] IMO is SIBERIA and the Arctic.

David Habakkuk

Charles I,

Perhaps Victoria Nuland is a deep cover Chinese agent.

William R. Cumming

Carter's LEANING means he has fallen IMO!

Charles I

With friends like these who needs enemies?


I think there's more than that for Americans. As we undertook to become a global Power by building a new steel navy to replace the rotting wooden navy we had built for the Civil War, our image of Russia decisively changed, from that of a distant but friendly Power with which we had no conflicts of interest and which had given us significant diplomatic support in the Civil War, to our "dark twin" to be redeemed and made to be like us. Only by containing the insatiably expansionist despotic impulses of our "twin" until collapse could a new, freedom-loving, democratic Russia rise from the ruins and gladly accept the leadership of her wiser American twin.

Alas, we thought we had it after the February Revolution, but Kerensky proved an incompetent fool.

FDR seems to have been an exception, willing to treat Stalin as an equal making significant contributions to a common effort.

Then we had the 1990s, when we finally got our way. Unfortunately for Russians, after eight years of USAID and USAID contractor personnel writing Russian economic policy, from the top level strategy down to the privatization plans for individual enterprises, what Russians experienced was unending economic catastrophe that had deaths exceeding births by a million/year by the time Putin took over.

This catastrophe Russians experienced in the 90s bears hallmarks of the catastrophe the EU has experienced since 2008: the idea that the correct policy response to a depression is to balance the budget, that the only important economic institutions are the banks, which must both be saved at all costs and be utterly unregulated in their operations.

I could go on...

Anyway, the point is, the roots of this, at least in America, go far deeper than 25 years.


Sputnik News is owned by the Russian Federation but if there is meat on the story, sending weapons to the Ukrainians will have little effect on a lack of fighting moral.


"The new law is aimed at increasing discipline in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as soldiers leave military posts without permission, drink alcohol in the army units, and fail to comply with orders. It permits commanders to use force, including weapons.

William R. Cumming

IMO the Ukrainians both east and west in that piece of real estate are largely not deserving of care and feeding by any outsiders.

Is the Ukraine with the Crimea the largest European country geographically?

How about Presidential candidates for 2016 elections adopting the policy WEST OF THE URALS is the problem for those WEST OF THE URALS and the US FP focus and military focus will be elsewhere?

I forget did the so-called American Century start in April 1917 or August 1945? And its ending 1989?


The Ukraine is only no. 2.


Charles Dekle

Wow, I never considered that. Now I am really paranoid! :-)


Thoughtful analysis of the military situation by Michael Kofman at the National Interest (via Russia Insider)…
Arming Ukraine Will Do Nothing Except Start a Proxy War with Russia http://russia-insider.com/en/2015/02/06/3185

Also via Russia Insider, Mish Shedlock discusses Ukrainian currency issues…
IMF Carpetbaggers Take over Ukraine as Floating Hryvnia Plummets 45% in One Day http://russia-insider.com/en/2015/02/06/3190

William R. Cumming

Thanks Poul!


Poul, well yes, the website surely originates with a web-provider in Russia. In other words there is a Russian host.

What I find slightly puzzling is that the registration dates and organization names do not quite fit into the history of RIA Novosti. Into which it claims to belong.

But it no doubt could be a Russian propaganda organ originated in 2011, under a then not existent Russian organization. ...

But that is a very, very fast check.

Good propaganda always needs a grain of truth. In this case maybe Ukrainian deserters? True or not true? Grain or no grain of truth to that? If so what grain.

The US and the West is mainly interested in the field of finances.

But if you like you can did through this:


Example of what happens if you get stuck in (novo-) Russian artillery bombardment.

The rebels showed a NATO 155 mm shell casing, that they claimed found in a church that was hit. They claim it came from the Paladin SPA system - though I doubt that. Could it be a Polish or Czech system such as DANA?




Sometimes the truth by itself works, especially when you want to show neutrals and skeptics what is happening in comparison to other info ops.

What this info testifies to is an army on the brink of implosion.

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