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17 February 2015


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Sounds awesome, thanks.


I love it. It's like a visit from an old friend. I think I'll go retrieve the book, curl up in the chair and take a trip back to that time. Thanks, PL.

C. Rodes Boyd, Jr

To readthe excerpt on General Robert E. Rodes provided greta enjoyment - the forgotten general of the Great War of Secession.
- C. Rodes Boyd, Jr. VMI 1980

Maureen Lang

It's great to see another SST post excerpt from your novels, Pat.

BTW, two of our New Year's weekend guests started reading "Butcher's Cleaver" & "Death Piled Hard" & will be taking copies home to finish.

A Happy, Prosperous, & Peaceful 2012 To All!

Charles I

Boys will be boys. Its so cold that the five feet of snow here is useless for snowballs.

different clue

Charles I,

Is it cold enough that the snow squeeks like dry soap flakes when you walk on a thin layer of it?

The Twisted Genius

Waking up to six inches or so of dry snow this morning was gratifying. I was pretty much resigned to seeing no significant snowfall this year in Stafford. First thing I did was clear off the deck and spread the peanuts for the birds. If I just dropped them into the snow, the birds would have a hell of a time finding them.

Walrus, this is the kind of thing you should worry about at your new country place on the river, not the narcissists in D.C.

The Twisted Genius

different clue and Charles I,

I love the sound of dry snow crumping underfoot, almost as much as the wind in the pines.


I love this piece every time you post it. Thanks.

different clue

The Twisted Genius,

I have heard/felt the dry crumping soundfeel often enough in Upper State New York and in Michigan. Perhaps I am over-perceiving this but I have long had a feeling that somewhere well below zero degrees the snow transitions from dry crumping to a squeaky soapflake feel. I only remember that from about 4 or 5 times, though.

I used to really love living in Upper State New York and then Michigan when I still had the far northern winter birds to look forward to seeing for the first time. After I saw them mostly-all, I liked winter less. Now that I can dig the snow up off of my little yard and pack it onto my tiny garden beds, I like winter more again.

Charles I

you bet

Charles I

Me too, its breathtakingly beautiful and quiet til the critters and skidoos get going.

Charles I

I do that too in march and then cover the beds in clear plastic

different clue

Charles I,

I hadn't thought of that refinement. What might the clear plastic help achieve that leaving the snow uncovered fails to do?

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