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20 February 2015


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The Moar You Know

Most of America has given up on spaceflight. Me, I caught that bug as a kid and it's never gone away, not for a minute. That we ever cut NASA's budget is an utter outrage. Glad to see the private sector is finally stepping up and getting things done.

I'm impatient. I want to see us as least move out of LEO and go higher - we don't need to get to the moon yet, but being able to manually service a geosynchronous satellite would be a great goal for the next ten years.

My only regret is that I'm not going to get to see space for myself. I'm almost fifty. I've flown a plane without help exactly once. So I think I'm out of the running, even as a passenger. But so long as we're moving in the right direction - up and out - I'm content.

Charles I

Have you ever considered getting into an ultralight? I was futzing around with a toy drone but these are waaaay more fun and I'm getting one this spring. You will have no regrets, crash landings aside.

Charles I

Another relatively detailed look at space elevators with quite a few links to while away the snowfall. . . .


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