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17 February 2015


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Adam L Silverman

Actually the Palestinian Authority has a solid judicial system. Under support coordinated by the US Security Coordinator, the Palestinians have seen reforms in processes and procedures, programs to either repair or replace/build new facilities, and to make the entire system more transparent. Is it perfect? No. But it does exist.


I believe that the real fears of the Israelis are for the settlements themselves. Transfer of population to occupied territories is a war-crime and it isn't hard to see those red-tiled roofs on the ridges. The entirety of the Israeli government is complicit in the Settlement Enterprise and the Israeli judicial system is part and parcel of this effort.


"Actually the Palestinian Authority has a solid judicial system"

All the better. Does it extend into Gaza?

Babak Makkinejad

I do not think it matters that much; one could argue that the French Courts under the German occupation were doing a decent job of administering the Law.

Likewise in Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium.


to be clearer: It is Hamas which is firing the rockets into Israreli built up areas and not the PA. The rocket fire will in all likelihood be the prinary Palestinian war crime in question here.

Hamas's legal and court system so far has not shown, and that is strictly factual, any inclination to act on that. That was what I meant, but failed to make explicit, in my post and my initial response.

Mark Gaughan

This may be a minor point, but I think the summer of 2014 rockets came from a group that had split off from Hamas, not Hamas itself.


I think that the Palestinians joined or hope to join the ICC is purely to raise their international profile. I believe that they understand the futility of having an investigation. But their efforts put them in a positive light as opposed to Israel. The Israelis claim they will do their own investigations, but there will not be any real punishment given out - remember the "butcher of Sabra and Shatiya" He came back to be Israel's Defense Attache in the US. How is that for jabbing the US in the eye!


"I think that the Palestinians joined or hope to join the ICC is purely to raise their international profile"

I think so, too.

Palestinians are the clearly weaker party here, and Israel is capriciously playing out their strength to the fullest, and then some.

The Palestinians are not in a position to anything about it. They fight a war of the weak.

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